Monday, March 21, 2011

Man's...or should I say Woman's Best Friend

So let me start off by apologizing for my lack of blogs lately. Last week was a bit of a long one and work and after work did not allow me the time for a descent entry. 

Anyways - I thought I'd write about one of my all time favorite things today. Puppies! or just dogs to most people, but they are always puppies to me :) Currently I'm dog sitting for a professor at Otterbein and it felt like a good thing to write about. 

Most people know that I absolutely adore dogs. Here are some of the dogs in my life :) 
Of course Gunner - my little furry pride & joy. Gunner is just a plain ole goofball. He's got the funniest personality yet it's his look that will get you every time.
Then there is this big guy - Ozzie (aka Oz Dog). He belongs to my friend Lindz. Oz may be a big boy but he's a big baby and probably one of the most vocal dogs I've ever met! And out of the three he's the only one I got to see as a little puppy! Aw he's so grown up now.
Finally there is this sassy little thing Hannah B. (B. stands for Banana). I like to call her Nan or Nanner :) She belongs to our friends Danielle & Jason. Nan is the Shakira of the dog world - that's right those hips don't lie.
There is nothing wrong with any other pet and I'm pretty open considering I have a lizard, but  I really don't think much can compare to those lovable k-9's. Both Gunner & Sadie (the dog we are sitting for) are shelter dogs. Not that there is anything wrong with a store bought, pure breed, etc dog I just tend to lean towards those characteristics of shelter animals. Most tend to be mixed breed - which usually means they don't have all the problems of a pure breeds would. Most of them have pleasant demeanors as they have been moved around, and exposed to a lot of people and other animals. Now I do understand that there are those unfortunate dogs that come from shelters who end up snapping because they are naturally aggressive and never received proper training or they were abused (I'm sorry I don't put the blame on an animal, it's either following it's natural instincts unintentionally or it's following the manners that's it's owner has (or hasn't) taught it so I'll blame the person in that case). I'd tell everyone to get a dog from a shelter if I could - and I don't think I've ever get another dog that isn't from one. 

Anyways. The older I get the more I've want to become with helping out animals and I've come to the conclusion that someday I'd like to work with animals on a regular basis (maybe that's just a lot of volunteering).  This weekend I'm going to be attending the Partners for Paws Wine Tasting Event and I'm very excited. What a great cause - all I have to do is sip on some wine and I get to help dogs in the area! How easy is that!  I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some of my other favorite animal causes and would greatly appreciate if any and all of you could take the time to contribute if any of these seem interesting at all. 

Free Kibble
What is it:
What you do: First, go to the website and answer one trivia question (there is one for dogs & one for cats, so 2 questions technically). Second, sign up for the email reminders so you can help out everyday (the question will be different everyday).
Time Required: Less than 5 mins
What the animals get: 10 pieces of kibble (sometimes it's double) no matter if you get the trivia question right or wrong. 
What you get: Fun facts (who doesn't like those) and a good feeling.

C.H.A. Website

What is it: CHA Animal Shelter
What you do: Volunteer, Donate, or become a member, adopt
Time Required: Varies
What the animals get: Human companionship, exercise, food, etc. 
What you get: New about local animal events, Time with an animal, help the CHA employees, again that good feeling

What it is: ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
What you do: Donate, Volunteer, become a member, adopt
Time Required: Varies
What the animals get: Necessities with the donation, companionship, obedience, rescued from terrible homes, etc. 
What you get: well let me tell you from experience - you will get about every kind of free gift in the mail (stamps, post cards, totes, etc), news letters regarding animal issues & major events, time with animals, jeez there is that feeling again! 

Those are just some of my favorites - there are many other ways that you can help out our furry friends! I hope this has inspired you to get out there and help animals as well - just think it's getting nice out if nothing else give about 30 mins of your time to take a shelter animal on a walk - that wouldn't be so bad would it? Is it weird that I feel like I should sign off like Bob Barker - "Bob Barker reminding you: help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody!"

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