Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cheers to 21 Years Giveaway!

+5 for this lady, but those aren't the 21 years we are celebrating here...
My girl, Shane turned 21 earlier this month and what better way to share her birthday than with a giveaway for you guys! 

To be 21 again...
My 21st birthday was a blast, at least the beginning because that's about all I remember.
My friends were planning a party for me, so I knew I should be expecting something pretty good.
I even had my suspicious on what they were going to do, but a little trick of theirs threw me off and I ended up being completely caught off guard.
I should have known better because my suspicious became fact, when JD the stripper walked into the room!
No, I am not kidding, but to be honest it was a lot of fun.
He put on quite the, umm, show but none of us could take it seriously and were laughing the entire time.
Afterwards they took me out to the bar where Kev and some other guys friends were waiting.
This part is when everything really becomes a blur.
I took entirely to many shots and proceeded to call my parents at about 1AM, and worry about my "business shoes" the whole night.
Apparently I was quite funny though so that's always a good thing! 

Now moving on to the good stuff, and a word from Shane :)
The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! I became legal, and you ladies reap the benefits. 
Over $150 worth of my favorite things all to one lucky winner!

The Prizes:
$45 to Target
$25 to Victoria's Secret
2 Julep Nail polish
$20 to Etsy
$50 Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee
$20 to Mintgem
$10 Paypal cash
Nail polish + jewelry
6 months WSN ad space ($90 value)
Surprise jewelry from my shop

All to ONE lucky winner chosen at random!
**Come back daily to tweet/share for maximum entries!



Live*Laugh*Love said...

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Sania Wasif said...

Fav item from shop is

Jennifer said...

Love the Dream Inspirational Necklace :)

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