Friday, January 17, 2014

36 weeks!

 How far along 
36 weeks!

Best moment this week?
I've had another amazing baby shower and really with that being complete it really hits home that we only have about 4 weeks left until BabyO arrives! 
We had maternity pictures taken this last weekend.
Ashlee from Ashlee Layne Photography took them and gave us (and facebook) a little teaser! 
I cannot wait to see the rest! I seriously think I've been checking my email like every hour to see if she's sent us the link. 
We've gotten our pediatrician and daycare on locked down. Finding a ped. was one of those things I honestly didn't think about until someone mentioned it to me. 
Having the OB tell us that we'll be talking about labor and what not at our next appointment is really exciting...and slightly scary. I can't say that I'm super nervous about labor but that fact that I have no idea what to expect is a little scary.  
Maternity Clothes?
Oh yes! 

Stretch Marks?
Still none! 

Lots and lots of movement but you can definitely tell baby is getting a lot more squished.
We are pretty much to the point of just pushing instead of kicking.
BabyO has also found what seems to be a very comfy spot for him/her in my rib cage. It about kills me and my ribs are pretty sore in this one spot but I suppose baby's gotta do what baby's gotta do.

 Food cravings?
Anything sweet really. This ranges from fruit - desserts.

What I miss:
Nothing new really. Knowing I'm almost to the end of pregnancy really has deterred my thoughts from missing things like sushi and beer to the fact our baby will be here anytime now!

My hands have become swollen. Not crazy, and probably not noticeable to anyone else but I can no longer wear my wedding ring.

I've been eating less and a little more out of breathe lately because baby is growing there is less room for everything else in there.

Shoot just getting up and cleaning somethings around the house has become a work out in the last couple of weeks.

Gender Prediction?
Being so close to the end I'm going to just throw it out there.
This entire time whenever anyone has asked my initial thought has been boy. 
However, I do realize that I really have no idea and none of the "myths" out there about gender prediction has helped sway my thoughts one way or the other.
I have not allowed myself to really think for sure that baby is a boy or girl because I don't know and either way I'm going to be extremely happy once they make their arrival!

Beh, it's hit or miss.
Some nights I can sleep pretty well and it's probably because I'm so tired from the other nights I don't sleep.
Other nights I'm tossing and turning quite a bit.

What I'm looking forward to?
BabyO being here. That's really all I want at this point in time!

Wisdom or other thoughts?
When they say the second trimester is the golden trimester they were not kidding.
I've been blessed to not have experienced many of the "negative" effects of pregnancy but I did not miss the fatigue that I'm back to feeling and although the movement is quite incredible it can also be really uncomfortable at times. There are times when I miss the quick jabs and somersaults compared to the constant pushing on the rib cage...or worse, bladder. Oy!
However, with that said I think I've been the most excited in the third trimester because I know that he/she is almost ready to be here and I CAN'T WAIT (if you didn't catch that already...)

Happy Friday!

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