Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 1 - Introduce yourself and give 15 interesting facts

Hello! My name is Megan Robideau. It's nice to see all of you! 

1) I have found the love of my life - and we are less than 24 hours apart in age!
2) I have an obsession with tea.
3) I'd love to be a food critic or a photographer.
4) I'm a Scorpio and I'd have to say the description for a Scorpio is pretty much dead on for me.
5) I love good music - whether it's hip hop to shake my groove thang to :) or a good 80's song to sing along with - love it!
6) People watching is my addiction
7) I absolutely cannot stand bad drivers! If you can't drive correctly get off the road or at least out of my way!
8) Did I mention I have an alter ego when I'm driving?
9) Recently my life has been overrun with M's - Kev's sister Megan O'Dell (big Megan), me of course (middle Megan), Kev's step sister Megan Ringly (little Megan)..I'm not even kidding. Kev's dad Mark O'Dell & Megan O'Dells fiance Mark Phillips. Talk about confusing!  But I wouldn't change it for the world!
10) I can't whistle!
11) I love animals & would love to start my own no kill shelter.
12) I'm a firm believer in luck, karma, and true love! 
13) I couldn't have made it this far without my friends & family. 
14) My sister Julia can always make me laugh. She also knows how to tick me off the most...funny that way.
15) I'd rather spend the night in with some good friends than go out to a bar any day!


Holly said...

I'd love to start a no-kill shelter too! Pets are the best!

Mary Brown said...

I need to do the 30 day challenge. I will procrastinate and maybe start tomorrow!!!

jimrobideau said...

Yeh.....I'd go along with most of these. A couple of surprises. #7-Spoken like the Dale Earnhart clone you are!

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