Friday, October 25, 2013

24 week bump date

How far along?
24 weeks.
BabyO is the size of an ear of corn...

Best moment this week?
Since I don't do this every single week I think there are a lots of moments over the last four that have been really awesome. 
Kev got to feel the baby move a couple weeks ago. I had to push his hand in a bit but he still got to feel it, which was exciting for the both of us!
Feeling the baby move a lot more has been wonderful. The jab, jab, upper cut feeling is making me wonder if we're going to have a little boxer on  our hands.
Kev put together the crib for me yesterday!!! He surprised me and it made me so excited!!
Maternity Clothes?
There really isn't to much that I can fit to my non-maternity wardrobe, if anything.
I've even moved on to wearing Kev's t-shirts to bed instead of mine.

Stretch Marks?
Thank god for Earth Mama body butter & stretch oil

Oh yeah, quite a bit!

Food cravings?
Not really no.

What I miss:
Not to much currently!

Mainly a lack of sleep.
It's been more difficult to get and stay comfortable.

I've been going to yoga the last couple of weeks and I love it!!
I would highly recommend yoga regardless of if you are pregnant or not, but I will say that prenatal yoga has already helped me feel more comfortable and even a little bit more prepared for the delivery.
On top of the class I've also been doing this yoga DVD at home!
*I'm just warning you now, the instructor on the DVD is a little hokey but it a pretty good workout.

Gender Prediction?
Still don't really have a strong feeling one way or the other.
I have started to call BabyO he and she though randomly instead of just "babyo".
Some people seem to have stronger feelings about it though and I am  hoping to do some of the "guessing tests" this month...ya know like the string over the belly, the myths quiz, etc.

Again, sleeping hasn't been to wonderful.
I'm getting enough to get me through a day but that's about it.

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to feeling more movement and Kev, and in all honesty others, getting to feel it too!
We have a whole bunch of stuff happening in November that I am looking forward too: Kev & I's birthday's, my cousins wedding, and a family vacation to South Carolina.
Baby showers! They won't happen until December but we got the invite list and what not around for one and it just makes me excited for them to get started :)
The holidays! I can't believe that November is like right around the corner and I know as soon as the holidays start to hit time is going to fly and we'll be even closer to BabyO's arrival!

  Wisdom or other thoughts?
I honestly wish that I could stay in the second trimester for a little while longer.
Granted I haven't experienced the third to really know what it's like but I feel like right now I am getting to enjoy all the "picturesque" things about pregnancy like having a serious bump, feel movement, and having energy without starting to feel uncomfortable because baby is really starting to get squished in there.

I am really excited for people and even myself to really start to feel the movements on the outside because it's such a cool thing to feel.

Happy Friday!


Stephanie said...

Kev is the MAN! Set up the crib, just when we thought hope might be lost :) It was great to see you last night. Looking forward to December BNB!

osmr said...

Odella O'Dell
is making a swell
down in her mommy's tummy.

She's moving about
from the inside, not out,
and the feeling is, oh so yummy!

Odella O'Dell!
We hate to yell
but we want to SEE you wiggle!

Keep moving and growing
and soon you'll be showing
how much you can make us all giggle.


Jackie said...

You look so cute!! :)

Sheila Lynne said...

I just found your blog!! I'm in Columbus too! Congrats on the pregnancy, You look so happy and beautiful. Not too much longer and you'll be holding the little one. I have a blog over at Motherhood by Grace, there isn't much there yet, as I moved and am revamping it, and just starting new posts again. Thank you for sharing your life with your readers!!

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