Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Links I Love

A friend, Maria, started a blog and she does this little series about links she loves. 
I know many other bloggers do the same but ultimately she was the one that inspired me to start doing the same. 

There are so many articles and videos that I come across that I thoroughly enjoy for one reason or another so I figured why not start something similar. 
I love getting to share funny, cute, or helpful things with people and what better people to share with than all of you?
Right? Right!

These Apple Cider Caramels look amazing and process itself sounds heavenly!
Ya better believe I'll be trying out the recipes within the next couple of weeks!

Why are people really getting engaged and married? Is it for the right reasons? 
I don't always think so and apparently I'm not the only one. 
I found this article about getting engaged to be pretty insightful, and it got me wondering how often are people getting engaged for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks to many factors like preparing to be a mother, reading Samantha's post on other parents judging parents, and having worked in a restaurant where I watched an obscene amount of children being terrible and getting away with it, has really solidified my belief that my children will be polite and well-mannered if nothing else.
This article really helps you realize that your kids should know there basic manners by the age of five, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I think it should be earlier!

I'm a firm believer in the fact that it's not always about being the most trendy person out there to be fashionable but to wear clothing the right way for your body.
We'll blame watching "What Not to Wear" like it was my job back in the day for this.
Granted I don't always wear the right thing for this bod, but I try.
This article from Babble on putting together the right outfit proportions based on pant style is super helpful.
Also, made me realize some of the mistakes I am making when it comes to styling pieces together.

Dog lovers prepare yourselves!
Creating a place like SCARS animal rescue would be my ultimate dream job and probably what my Heaven will look like when I get there one day.
Maureen and her husband are doing such a wonderful thing, and could you imagine how much fun it would be to have all of those dogs!!!

Omg I died laughing at this one! 
Hearing things from a kids prospective is always pretty funny I think! 
Their insights on "How do you Decide who to Marry" is now my favorite!
"Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a truck." - Ricky age 10 (this kid is on the right track!)

Happy Wednesday!


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Ughh I worked in restaurants for 5 years through college and witnessed horrid behavior from both children and their parents *sigh*

Stephanie said...

Hey friend! Not sure I agree with all the "do's and don't"s in the proportion article. Those styles are really great for your body type, but with my big ol' chest, I have to be careful not to overdo big tops- I look so top heavy!

Hope to see you soon :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I love love love this post! What a great idea!

osmr said...

Good links, Meg! The dos and don'ts of pant types was quite helpful. Now I just need to remember where to look when I need the rules...

Maybe -someday- you and I can start our own SCAR!! I'd love nothing mor than to enter heaven surrounded by wagging tails and perky ears....that is, if I get to heaven.

As for the manners of children I couldn't agree more. The problem here is that you need to TRAIN THE PARENTS! Ugh. It's so frustrating what adults won't do because they are ignorant or lazy.

Enough said. Good post!

osmr said...

This post may appear twice. DOn''t know what happened to the first so I will just nutshell this one. Love the link for pants! Need to keep it handy. You'd think I could dress myself after 50+ years.

And I'd love to have a SCAR, too! maybe we can do it together. To be surrounded by a dozen or two wagging tails that are always happy to see me would be great!!

As for the kids - you should post that link everywhere. The first thing that needs to be done is TRAIN THE PARENTS! After that, the kids will be cake.

Good post!

Katie said...

Absolutely love and totally agree with the manners post for children. I can only hope ours will be well behaved :)

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