Friday, December 20, 2013

32 weeks...and counting!

How far along 
32 weeks!
BabyO is the size of a jicama...
... WTH is a jicama?

Best moment this week?
We've had two baby showers this month that were awesome!
I enjoyed seeing friends and family, but I won't lie and totally admit it was fun to start getting things for baby. 
Sure, Kev and I had bought some things here and there but we've been blessed to be gifted with so any other things we need and want.
It makes me more excited, and nervous to think that the time to meet our baby is so close! 

This week was our last monthly appointment. Although, going to the doctor isn't my favorite thing scheduling bi-weekly and weekly appointments makes me so excited to know that baby is almost here!
Maternity Clothes?
Please see above... 

Stretch Marks?

Omg yes, unless my mom is is play games with her already lol.
It's turned into more pushing than quick jabs and we've started to actually see the movement.
It's awesome...and semi-freaky lol.

 Food cravings?
Nothing in particular.
I'm still eating anything and everything that's put in front of me.

What I miss:
Sushi. I just want some sushi dang it!

My feet, particularly my heels hurt really badly, but my feet aren't swollen so I'm guessing that's just more about the pressure from the weight gain.

Sleeping still isn't up to par but I'm almost used to it at this point.

I suppose this isn't technically a symptom but the waddle has started lol. Sometimes it's worse than others because my feet hurt but I feel like I'm waddling most of the time lol.

This week was the last week but since I have a dvd I'd really like to stick to it until baby is born.
Gender Prediction?
No idea, I really have no feeling at to whether it's a boy or a girl at all.
We had a poll at one of our showers to see what people thought and no joke it was 13 to 13!
The fact that it was 2, 13's and the baby is due 2/13 is to much of a coincidence...even for me!

It's been a little bit better but like I said I'm getting pretty use to not sleeping through the night.

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm pretty excited for Christmas! I can't believe it's less than a week away.

We are having another shower in January and having our maternity pictures done so those are two more fun things to do before baby is born.

Now that there is only about 2 months left until we finally get to meet our child my patience is wearing very thin. I just can't wait to finally see our little one and hold them!

Wisdom or other thoughts?
Nothing to stellar to share or advise on that hasn't already been said at some point.
The feeling of having a child is so much more real now then it's ever been, and I am starting to get more nervous.
Mainly nervous about giving birth, but honestly a little nervous about becoming a parent.
It's a whole new responsibility and I do believe Kev and I will be great parents, but not knowing what to expect makes me nervous in general. 

Happy Friday!


osmr said...

This baby already loves his/her Gramma! Why else would he/she play games with me?? Can't wait to meet Baby O, also, but first things first. Baby O needs to finish "cooking" more than anything else. You look really, really good. And if it's any consolation, I've not noticed the wobble. :)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

You look awesome! Wish I could witness this waddle lol :)

Katie said...

So close!! You look great. You guys will be terrific parents. Definitely understand about feeling apprehensive about the unknown though.

Ashley R said...

You look so great!!

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