Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Registry: Bath Time

Alrighty, round two of the registry stuff and probably one of my favorite things to have registered for.


I know kids don't always like getting baths and I'm ready for the screaming of an infant and the tantrums of a toddler, but let's be real most of the time bath time was a blast. At least for me it was. I always got to play with toys, and my mom would give my sister and I crazy soap hairstyles and beards. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, I bet all your parents have pictures of you in the tub with some "Cindy Lou-who" hair going on :) 

I'm really looking forward to creating these memories with baby and of course snapping photos to embarrass the crap out of him/her once they are older.

1. Leachco Flipper 2-way Baby Bather: When it came to deciding on what to do for an infant tub I really wasn't sure what to do. Some people have exclaimed they are an absolute must, while others have said they are a complete waste of money. I won't lie at first I was not all about getting anything for bath time like this because I figured we would just bathe baby in the sink like parents have done for a really long time. However, I decided to do some research on infant tubs and quickly realized that maybe our sinks were not really deep enough to bathe baby in. A lot of the infant tubs that go into the sink wouldn't have fit as our sinks aren't very deep so I'm not sure a baby could really fit into one either. Upon realizing this I knew we'd have to use the tub and I knew we'd definitely need something for in there. The Leachco flipper got some of the best reviews for in-the-tub bathing because it's a good quality product, is easy to use, dry and store, and it can be used for your growing child!  We did receive it as a gift from my sister and I will just say it's pretty adorable.

2. Safety 1st Rubber TempGuard Ducky:  This product was rated at the top temperate readers for bath time, but most of reviews I'd read said there are many other alternatives that are just as good. The important thing is to find one that is good quality to ensure the temperature is accurate each time and it won't poop out on you. One of those things I wasn't really sure about getting since tons of people have gotten by without them in years passed but again once realizing we were going to have to bathe in the tub I knew temperature would be an issue. I tend to like my showers/baths pretty hot and have no idea what is going to be to hot for a kid that can't tell me "Ouch! Hot!" like all the kids I've babysat for have in the past. This is merely one of those items that will put me at peace and reassure me.

3. Aden + Anais Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set: Baby Bargains rated Aden & Anais as one of the best brands out there for things like towels, bibs, etc and they highly suggested registering for some hooded towels over regular towels (this is so you can keep baby extra warm by keeping the heat around their head from escaping). So really this purchase is a double positive! Plus all the different prints are really stinkin' cute!
There are several options when it comes to hooded towels. Most people don't have to many issues with other brands expect for the quality. I'd read many of the cheaper brands started to fall apart and lead to the parents having to buy more. Baby Bargains also suggest Pottery Barn hooded towels because of their quality and how soft they are for baby's skin, but let's be real they just can't help how cute those are either!

4. Munchkin Scoop & Drain Bath Organizer with Munchkin Sea Buddies: So these aren't really things that I researched on or even had on the registry but we received them at one of my showers and I realized I should have put on the registry because 1. the scoop and drain organizer is a good idea and 2. what kid doesn't need some bath toys? Am I right, or am I right? The organizer is very easy to "install" and both things are very easy to clean. There are several organizers out there but after receiving this I noticed that this specific one would have been the one I choose because of the size. Some of those organizers are massive! 
5. Johnson & Johnson Shampoo & Body Wash/ Honest Company Shampoo, Body Wash & Lotion: I think it's safe to say that most people know and love the Johnson & Johnson brand when it comes to their babies and kids. It's been a top, trusted brand for years! I also, added some shampoo, body wash, and lotion from the Honest Company. If you haven't heard of this company it's was founded by Jessica Alba and is a company the centers around supplying and creating non-processed, green friendly products for kids and mommies! I honestly don't know anyone personally who has used these products but the reviews I've read have been positive so I wanted to give the brand a shot! A clean kid is a clean kid and with their products being made from natural plants, etc there doesn't seem to be to much risk of rash or other skin reactions.
Have any of you used Honest Company products?  Thoughts?

So there you have some of our bath time registry items. 
Is there anything you would suggest, recommend, or absolutely not buy? 

Happy Monday! 

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