Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Registry: Equipment/Gear

Registering has been a bit of a challenge for me. I found it to be much more difficult that registering for our wedding and mainly because you can't just buy whatever looks pretty you have to factor in things like safety, wear and tear, etc.

I feel pretty confident in all of the items that are on the list as I've put in quite a few man hours to research and deciding which options are really the best for us. The amount of options for every single thing you should have is endless.  I think many people know that I am not usually one to research a whole bunch, but I found the researching for baby items was key. Not just to figure out what are the safest items, or the best bang for your buck, but what will work for you and your growing family. 
The main resource I used was Baby Bargains the book & blog
It was really helpful in at least narrowing things down and then I relied pretty heavily on the user reviews once I actually looked up the item online.

Thanks to Katie I decided to use Lucie's List for our checklist.
There are things that I ended up putting on the registry that aren't on Lucie's List but not much.

We also did our registry on Amazon, for a variety of reasons.
The first  being I just plain ole love Amazon.
The second being you can add things from other website if you can't find an item you want already on Amazon so you only have one list of people to look at instead of sending them around to 2-3 different baby stores (Babies-R-Us, Buy Buy Baby, etc.)
I felt like there were some really good pricing deals on Amazon vs. the other places so why not try to save friends and family a little bit of moolah!?

I plan on doing a couple of posts about our registry and breaking things down in to groups.

Here are some of the equipment/gear items you can find on our registry!

1. Britax B-Agile & B-Safe Car Seat Travel System:  I spent a lot of time looking into strollers and car seats being that these two items need to be as safe as possible. Baby Bargains highly recommends the Britax brand, and this particular model seems to be a hit with several parents. It's light weight, easy to maneuver, and can obviously easily convert from infant use to toddler/older child use.

2. Fisher - Price Deluxe Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper & Fisher - Price Deluxe Bouncer: There is also the Fisher - Price Deluxe Swing to complete this little set. According to all my mommy friends this set of items are an absolute must! It's also really hard to know if you really need all three or not because you aren't going to know if baby is going to like swinging, rocking, or bouncing until they are here! However, one mommy, Brandy J, said she used the rocker instead of a bassinet for her little one and loved it! My suggestion would be get all three and sell one/two if ya need to. Better safe than sorry when it comes to soothing baby.

3. Samsung Wireless Baby Monitor: I think the baby monitor was one of the most difficult things to decide on because there are so many options! We decided that a video monitor would give a little more sense of security especially because the nursery is on the second floor, and our room is on the main floor. Baby Bargains and the overall features offered on this monitor is what sold me on this specific product.

4. Graco Pack N Play w/Bassinet: Since my parents and Kev's mom don't live in town we knew we'd need a Pack and Play with some sort of bassinet for traveling around a bit the baby. Graco seemed to have pretty good reviews overall and was quoted to be an industry leader year after year in the Pack N Play field! Why not go with the best right? I suppose it's one of those things we won't know if like it until we really try it but the reviews were all pretty positive so why not try it out :)

Look for another post next week with some nursery essentials.

Happy Wednesday!


Katie said...

Such a great list! We love the swing and rock & play right now. I'm going to do a newborn essential post soon so hopefully that will be helpful!

J and H from Beyond The Stoop said...

who do you think you are NOT posting a bump pic?! we want to see it as many times as possible before baby O comes along ;)

Audra said...

We never managed to have our get-together, but you definitely have 4 of the absolute must haves on your list, so you are in great shape!!!

Jackie said...

while I have no children, my friend SWEARS by her rock & plays for the twins she has. One of her twins only would sleep in it in the beginning!

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