Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are those wedding bells I hear...

So I know I would tell all of you about all my wedding planning, and I haven't really. So we are officially - 109 days away from the wedding! It's crazy to think that what seems like yesterday I was telling people I had well over a year until we are there. Now, it's right around the corner. However, before I start the posts of my own I'd like to share with you all of the upcoming nuptials of some of my dear friends and family. 

Two of our best friends, Danielle & Jason, are kicking off the season in about a month! Kevin and I are lucky enough to be included in the bridal party!
Aw little Hannah :) Of course Jason & Danielle look amazing too ;P
They are soon followed my Kevin's sister, Megan and Mark's wedding. 
So excited to not only gain a sister-in-law this year but a brother-in-law too!

A week later good friend Miranda is marrying her long time love R.J.
How cute are they!
That's just July people! 

In August we are going to slow it down with only Zack and Danielle's wedding.
They have been together since high school! 
September brings the wedding of the Waldo's - Sam & Sean
Yes, we already call them the Waldo's! The name change shouldn't be to tricky :D
Ours is next in line about a month after Sam & Sean! 
Can't wait to become Mrs. Kevin O'Dell <3  
Finally to wrap things up we have Alex & Derrick.
I'm so happy we get to share our wedding month with them :D
I'm excited for each and every one of these wedding. I get to share a very special day with several of my great friends. I wish them all nothing but the best and a long happy life together! It's going to be a wonderful summer/fall season filled with love, happiness, fun, friends, and family! Each step closer gets me more and more amped up for my own! Not that I'm not already super excited or anything. Of course, I'm hoping and will surely get some inspiration along the wedding season way as all these weddings are going to different from one another.

I only have 3 words for this wedding season...


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Stephanie said...

This is so exciting! I can't believe all the TEM girls getting married this summer. And I feel like Danielle and Danielle JUST got engaged. Have fun with all of these, I'm really really looking forward to being at yours in October :)

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