Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping up with...just Kim this time.

As you can all imagine lately weddings have been on my mind. No wayyyyy right? Way! Well anyways anytime that anything wedding is mentioned my ears perk. My reaction was no different when I heard with the rest of the world that Kim Kardashian is getting married. 

I don't really care so much about that, what I care about is all this registry news! 
Kim & crew leaving wedding registry store #1
First, off  really don't have enough of your own money to spend on yourself? For that matter don't you have an already awesome house, fully furnished with awesome & beautiful things thanks to your reality TV stardom and "modeling" career?
Kim's 4.8 million dollar home. No big deal.
Ya know, I'm digging the bedroom but you think this girl would be a little bit more fun with her decor!
See! Already full of pretty things!
I'm in love with this outdoor set! Hey Kim - I suppose if you are replacing it with wedding registry items you could ship this my way :)

Second, I've come to realize that I don't really recall every hearing about a celebrity registering for their wedding. Does it happen and we just don't hear about it, or do most of them think like I do about the situation and get their own stuff since they can afford it?

Third, as much as I enjoy watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe & Lamar, and all other trash reality tv for that matter I still can't figure out why those girls really became famous in the first place. Can anyone help me there?

I'm a little tired of seeing Kim's big rear.  We get the point people, she's got a huge ass!
I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I can imagine that she wants a "normal" wedding like everyone else. Guess what aren't normal! I suppose when you have a ton of millionaire friends then you can afford to have a registry as luxurious a hers. Continuing! So as I read the articles I became almost appalled with the what I was seeing listed...a vase is how much? There is no way in hell one plate bread & butter plate cost $109.00! See the jam jar below! Good grief! 
Baccarat's $7,850 Cosmos vase.

Baccarat's $380 jam jar....EXCUSE ME! FOR A JAM JAR!
Lalique's $735 "Wisdom" set.

As most of the articles state she is registered at Gearys in Beverly Hills (I suppose this is my dream big store), and they plan (yeah right!) going to William Sonoma too. Apparently it's always one extreme to the next with Kim huh?  As I got more and more into the articles I decided, "hey, lets see what I can find here!" and to my surprise you can actually get to Kim's registry list from the Grearys site! I thought for sure that they would have this blocked! NOPE! SCORE!  
Kim's Registry at Grearys
As I drool (and get a bit more disgusted ) looking at all the lovely items on her list I realize that this isn't a normal person's list here Megan. Let's be real. As much I adore the items and wish for all those pretty things, I'm realistic and I could never spend that much on things just hanging out around the home place. I will also say after seeing this I have no guilt about Kevin & I's registries! So, I'm still trying to figure out why this has become such a big deal in the news. Does this really not happen with celebrities (not that I wouldn't get why if it doesn't)? Is just because its the big K.K. and she's FINALLY getting married? Now we will no long have hear her complaining about her sisters having a boyfriend/husband and not herself! You can SHUT UP now Kim! Is it because all of this is such a whirlwind? Dating in December, engaged in May, married in October! Those girls have always been pretty quick to get married. I guess so far so good for Khloe and Lamar so why shouldn't Kim do it too? Anyways, I degress. 

What do you think about celebrity registries? Is it realistic? It is selfish? Is it even acceptable to you? Do think they only do it for the attention? many question so little celebrity sleaze.


Jenn said...

Megs, come on... You're only helping her cause by adding more news about this wedding you despise! Do we have a mini Perez on our hands today? :P

Stephanie said...

This is a great post beCAUSE I (hate that I) love the Kardashian shows and because you're totally right. DO celebs register? If Kim is a rarity (and I hope she is) someone should tell her to get a grip...their family has zero grasp on reality. Side note, wouldn't it be great to have this conversation in the Living Room?

Megan Robideau said...

Lol Jenn - I don't despise it all, just confused! And Kim drives me nuts but I can't seem to get enough! lol.

Steph - I'd love to see her crib for real! I bet it's so nice!

Jenn said...

I just want to see mr humphries abode down the street from me in Hoboken!!! Even studio apartments run around half a million, so I can't imagine what his place is like! I'd preferably like to tour the place when Kim is around... Get two birds with one stone ;)

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