Monday, June 6, 2011

Who are you riding for?

Pelotonia. I'm sure many of you have heard about it, but there are many out there (especially outside of Ohio) who have never heard of this amazing cause. The company that I work for plays a huge part and is a sponsor of the event so the race has been in my ear since April! I've been itching to get the word out.
What is Pelotonia some of you are asking? Pelotonia is a bike race (well they say it's a race, but really it's more like a bike ride) with one goal: end cancer. Every single cent that is donated will be given to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center –
Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute
, or more commonly known as The James Center. It's a great cause that is becoming more well known by every year. Pelotonia was just started in 2008 and has done nothing but grown since. Last year there were  4,047 riders and raised $7,846,705. As of today with 74 days still to go there are 3,021 riders and have raised $1,677,289. 
The James Cancer Hospital
How can I help, contribute, participate you ask? There are several ways that you can participate in the cause. A couple of the ways you don't have to do much more than lift a finger to click on the mouse! How easy is that?

There are four options to participate, you could be: 
1) A rider - a rider commits to raising a certain amount of money based on the distance you'd like to ride. 

  • Columbus to Groveport – I commit to raise $1,200 for Cancer Research. 
    • This is approximately 25 miles, 1-day ride
  • Columbus to Amanda – I commit to raise $1,250 for Cancer Research. 
    • This is approximately 43 miles, 1-day ride)
  • Columbus to Athens – I commit to raise $1,800 for Cancer Research. 
    • This is approximately 102 miles, 1-day ride)
  • Columbus to Athens and Back – I commit to raise $2,200 for Cancer Research. 
    • This approximately 180 miles, 2-day ride)
2) Virtual Riders -  individuals who choose to participate in Pelotonia by only fundraising instead of riding or volunteering.There are no fundraising minimums for Virtual Riders, but you must make a donation of at least $10 to register as a virtual ride. 

3) Volunteer - you will be at the race: registering riders, passing out information, at the rest stops passing out water, and most importantly there for support. 

4) Donate - contribute any amount of money to a rider(s). This could be a friend, family member, co-worker, or you can visit the website below and find rider profiles to donate to. There are some very inspiring stories out there to be heard. Any amount of money will help this cause. Please contribute if you can. 

If you are interested in learning about Pelotonia or you'd like to register visit this site. 
Official Pelotonia Website
Also see:

Last week I heard the testimonials of some co-workers who rode last year. Each one of their stories was touching and inspiring. They also showed this video that, even at work, brought tears to my eyes but put hope in my heart that one day we will be able to beat this awful disease. 

I've wanted to be part of Pelontonia since I found out about it. This year I cannot ride due to my crazy busy schedule, but have pledged to myself that next year I'll be there. However, I've done my share by donating to several co-workers and friends who will be riding. 
Rider Profiles (includes virtual riders)
Please help fulfill the goal of Pelotonia, and I'm sure many others to end cancer. 

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