Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you talking to me? I sure hope so!

Last night the season 4 premiere of True Blood. As I was watching with intrigue as so many Sunday's nights have been spent on my couch I started thinking about how much I liked Bill's accent. I love hearing him speak! So of course I went a little further and started thinking of all the actors out there with hot accents..mmmmmm. Woo hoo - back to reality Megan! I think the amazing part about is a lot of the time you don't really know that an actor as an accent until you watch an interview! A lot of actors have to change their accent to (American) English. I always wonder if that's difficult or if it's as easy as some of us changing our voice to be British accent. Anyways, I thought what better way to start off a work week...eye candy with sexy voices. Happy Monday :) 

Charlie was born in Newcastle, England. You may recognize him from the TV series Sons of Anarchy. Don't all girls have a little thing for bad boys?!
The man who started it all. Stephen was born in Brentwood, Essex, England. If you have yet to hear him utter the word, "Sookie"'s a must!
Another True Blood star, they have this show stacked! And no not with Stackhouses! Ryan is from Australia.
James was born and raised in Scotland. He's in the new X-Men movie as Professor X. He may need to use that mind control to ward off the ladies with that voice!
Also, a Scotland native. I think I'd really like Scotland :)
Old or new this country was made for men like Javier :) Javier is originally from Spain. 
Do I even need to say anything? Well maybe...Thank you Australia!
Do you think Batman could see the Batman signal in Britain all the way from my house? It's worth a shot!

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