Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a good thing we have DVR...

Summer is upon us. Sunshine, pools...awesome TV shows. Some of you probably don't know this but I'm pretty obsessed with my TV and the shows I watch regularly. However, if you got to talking to me about it you would realize that my TV obsession is boarder line unhealthy and that I've seen almost every show you can imagine (at least one episode). I believe I've already admitted, several times, that I'm a reality TV show junkie. I don't think this summer's TV line up is going to help that cause. Another vice HBO & Showtime! Last year Kev and I added the channels to our line up (it's totally worth the extra money I promise) and I've been in TV land ever since. As the summer gets rolling and we get closer to the end of June that more excited I get for the summer/fall TV line up. With the busy summer/fall season I thank my lucky stars for our DVR because these are some shows that I (you too) aren't going to want to miss! What are those shows you ask? Let me share with you (and yes I've put these in series premiere order, told you I have a problem).

The Challenge: Rivals
Premieres Wednesday June 22nd (tomorrow!). Now, I haven't watched several seasons worth of this show. Why because it's pretty much the same thing over and over again. This season though - wow. I think the trailer speaks for itself! If nothing else I'm watching it for the pure chaos that you know you will see. What is better than watching people stuck in a house together that hate each other? Not much in the reality tv world! 

True Blood: season 4
Premieres June 26th. I know a lot of people are in love with this show. I'm one of them.Who can resist the way that Bill says, "Sookie!" Makes me melt!  However, I think the whole mythological creatures thing is getting a bit out of hand. Vampire, werewolves, shape shifters, demons, fairies, panther looking thingys, and now witches (yes they gave that away already), finally humans. How many unreal things can really be out there amongst us? Either way I'll be tuning every Sunday to see what pops up in the life of Sookie Stackhouse. 

Weeds & the Big C
Premieres Monday June 27th. I've seen Weeds before and I was a little on the border about how I felt about it. Sometimes it was good other times...not so much. I think this season I'm going to give it one last try. It's pretty funny and kind of makes you wonder what your neighbors are really up too :) As for The Big C...I've never watched this as we didn't have Showtime the last seasons it was on but I've heard good things. I've heard It's got the wide range of emotion that I find intriguing and refreshing on a TV show. Yes, I'm a crier so every once and awhile I like to have a show that will get me to that point. It will be interesting to see if this is a fairly realistic show or just way over the top. However, its another one I'm going to give a try and see where it goes. 

Love in the Wild
Premieres Wednesday June 29th. Here comes my reality TV obsession and this is a new one! First season for this show and realistically it looks like one of those shows that may be all there is. It's 10 guys and 10 girls trying to find love. Expect for the fact that they are in the jungle - new impression under mosquito nets, first dates down alligator infested waters...hello why wouldn't I watch?! There are challenges with the couples and of course eliminations. A couple can stick together or someone can call it quits and give love a shot with someone else. Seems like there are a lot of factors for drama, secrets, and manipulation. But hey it's all in the name of love right?

Big Brother
Premieres Thursday July 7th. Yet another show that haven't watched and I've really haven't had a huge interesting in watching. Not sure why since it encompasses pretty much everything I like about reality tv but I don't. However, a few of good friends love it so I felt the need to watch this full season and make my opinions then. From my understanding it's quite time consuming, there are several ways for to stay up with the show though - the show itself, blogs, and the infamous live feed camera in the house. If I can get through the time part I think it could become part of my TV regime.

Lucky for me this is where the summer shows stop for me (at least the ones I watch or plan to watch regularly) and the fall line up starts. As you can see my summer is already quite full with what TV is offering. I'm going to need a break =/ 

Jersey Shore: season 4
Of course my numbero uno (how appropriate). GTL in Italy? We'll see how that goes. There really isn't a whole lot that you can say because everyone already knows about this hot mess of a show. All the hype that is already circling - Snooki got in a car wreck already! Girl get your life together! I'm not even all that pumped to see all the chaos that inevitable happens between the housemates.  I want to see the chaos around the Italian people and how they react! Personally I have mixed feelings - they are going to be loved or absolutely hated. Either way I'm fine with it :)

The next couple of shows have not announced their exact premiere dates, but they will be in the fall and you better believe I'll be watching them.

Angry Boys
This has already made it's premiere in Austraila (where it originated) and will be premiering in the US late summer/early fall of 2011. If any of you are familiar with Summer Heights High you'll be just as excited for this as I am. Chris Lilley is back at it again. Chris plays the part of three different characters in his series. In this series he plays the parts of twin brothers (each have their own very distinct personalities) and then a mother. Yes, he plays the part of a girl/woman in his shows. As it's an overseas TV shows it's got it's odd moments, but I can promise you that you'll laugh...a lot :)

Boardwalk Empire
Last by not least.  This should premiere around late August/early September of this year. The first season didn't start off as well as I had hoped, but the more I watched the more interested I became. Maybe it's because life was sort of like back then in Atlantic City. The gangster/mobster life has always been something that I find fascinating - probably because it's so secretive. Also prohibition - you can blame Westerville history for that one :) I can't wait to see what kind of problems and issues arise this season! Who dies, who lives, do the main character stay at their respectable statues...who knows? However, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be gun fire, deceit, blood shed, and of course love.

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