Friday, September 21, 2012

My Best Friend's Birthday :)

Today is my best friends birthday. 

I think we all have those friends that feel more like siblings. 
You know you will be life long friends!
That would easily describe Danielle and I. 

It was one of those friendships that just clicked.
Danielle and I were in the same sorority.
Kev and Jason were in the same frat.
Hanging out together was easy.
Growing as close as we have was even easier.
I've had some of the best moments with her.
Of course, there are many more to come :)

She's an amazing wife to Jason and a fur baby mama to Hannah. 
She's a devoted family girl overall!
She loves laughing, and enjoys a good comedy. 
She's classic both in style and even in nature (she's very lady like).

Danielle keeps me grounded a bit. 
Calms me down in moments of rants.
And actually most of the time joins in with me which really is a lot better than being calmed down.
Both our husbands hate that...just ask them!
I think sometimes I can bring out a bit of fire in her since I get riled up so easily.  

Danielle is a sweet person with a big heart and a quick wit. 
Like me she can be emotional.
 We enjoy our TV shows, and shopping is our forte.
Danielle's ambition really exceeds many people I know and is something I greatly admire. 

 I really couldn't ask for a better best friend. 
 Happy Birthday Nighthawk!



Anonymous said...

Megan, brought tears to my eyes. You describe Dan to a t! She is very lucky to have a great friend like you. Aunt Steph

Danielle {Love + the City} said...

Omg! This was the nicest post ever!! Made my day! Thanks :) can't wait to celebrate all weekend! Much love dragon, much love!

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