Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shows in the fall

So we all know that I love fall. 

And...we all know that I love TV! 

So do you think it's a coincidence that fall is when the best TV shows come on? 

I don't think so! 

Come fall season you will get my best TV line up. 

Sad part is that right now not all said shows have premiered.
I'm looking forward to a very full DVR...

So what do I watch you ask?

Well here's the run down. 

It started this week and I wasn't sure what to expect.
Although I think the new cast is going to take a little getting use to I'm not complaining. 
The meer fact that Kate Hudson joined the cast is enough for me...

not to mention the very cute new eye candy...


Parks & Rec.
This little gem starts this evening and I'm so excited. 
I know this show isn't for everyone but it's got some funny episodes and even funnier characters!
If you are a Tom Haverford fan like me you gotta check out his food name website lol.
Go ahead, treat yo-self!

There has only been one season and I'm hooked! 
I'm pretty sure the major pull is from the characters.
I love them and I love the people cast in the show. 
It's full of suspense and twists. 
I'm excited to see what is in store Carrie & Brody!

The Walking Dead.
I talk about this enough you all should know it's my favorite!
October can not get here quickly enough. 
Rick and the gang were just outside the prison and new characters are going to be popping up left and right.
So excited!
  Modern Family. 
This show seriously kills me. I laugh 99% of the time. 
What's awesome is that this round Cam & Mitchell will have a new baby, Gloria is preggers, and  those Dunphy kids aren't getting any younger, so I can imagine their antics will be more hilarious than ever. 

So what is your fall TV line up?
Have you seen anything new worth watching?

Happy Thursday!



Miss Riss said...

LOVE Glee!! My DVR broke in the middle of last season, so I just bought it on DVD and have been trying to catch up before I miss too much of this season!! Can't wait! =)

Ashley said...

Love Parks and Rec, Modern Family and Walking Dead!!

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