Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Past

This weekend, and even some today I've been feeling tweaks of nostalgia.

I'm sure most of that feeling is coming from helping Jason and Danielle move out of their apartment this weekend into a new one.

A better one, but I can say that the old apartment has housed many of my friends, and has been a constant hang out for me, Kev, and the rest of the gang for several years.
It was like my second home.
Funny how when your friends lives changes, yours can too.

I think when I open the gates of memories it brings a whole flood of them back.
All of the sudden my brain was full of memories from high school and college - friends, adventures, boyfriends, etc.

Source: frkncngz.com via Mary on Pinterest

People always have this stigma with the past.
What's wrong with the past?
I don't think it's better to forget the past.
Move on, and let go, yes, but forget, no.

I think the past makes you who you are.
Those experiences, whether they were happy or sad.
You just can't let it define who you are now or later.
I'm proud and happy with my past.

I've had great memories with great people.
(That includes bfs and people that I no longer am friends with. I can appreciate what they’ve helped me learn, and let's be real my first love is in the category)

The one thing that always gets me when I get nostalgic is I wonder if those people I think about, ever think about me too?
Do you think that ever?

I've been great places, and have experienced great things.
Those good things overtake the bad by leaps and bounds.
I guess there are just some things and people I will never ever forget.

I feel like I've been writing these "deep" (Psh! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here Megan) post, but I've decided that this is also a way for me to communicate and communicating my feelings is something I am always going to have to work on.

Do you guys ever get nostalgic?
What do you usually get nostalgic about or what brings those memories back?

Happy Tuesday


The Management said...

I am a very, very nostalgic person. I wonder all the time if the people I'm wondering about are wondering about me too. I think it's normal, and healthy, and at times, probably necessary, you know?

We have memories for a reason. They make us who we are.

Suze said...

I certainly get nostalgic. I also tend to romanticize the past, which sometimes fuels my nostalgia.

I wonder like you about others' memories of me...

I love tha Jamie Ford quote! I never heard that before.

I like your deep posts. Sometimes I post "deeply" and I feel kind of silly, but I think it's important. You're a person with feelings and you get to let them out on your blog!

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