Monday, February 25, 2013

Cara Box Reveal - #ClubSexy

Cara Box

This month I participated in the Cara Box swap and I am so glad I did!
It was a fun swap, and a nice way to get to know other bloggers.

The person that sent to me was Melissa at A Mile in her Boots.
Go check it out!
She's a really sweet girl and her blog is too cute! 
Since Kait decided to try and match people my states I at least knew I had living in Ohio in common, but that was the beginning!
I found out that Melissa and I have many things in common including the fact that she worked at my college, while I was there for a year!
I am pretty sure every time I meet someone new this world just gets a little smaller.

Since the theme was #ClubSexy the deal was to send each other things for the perfect date night. I didn't necessarily stick to that theme completely when shopping for my partner, but Melissa did a really good job picking out some items for me! 

She got me some really cute spring color nail polishes. 
A cute note pad, perfect for my forgetful brain to write things down on
Lavender bath salts.
A chocolate face mask. I am really excited to try this I haven't tried a chocolate mask before! 
A little mani set, which I threw into my purse immediately! 
Love coupons! A nice way to spice up things for Kev and I :) 
A cute little mirror, and again it went into my purse right away!

Thank you so much Melissa for all my goodies! I can't wait to try them out :)

I am really digging this Cara  Box swap and the mission behind it.
Needless to say I've already signed up for next month!


Melissa said...

YAYAY!! I'm so glad you liked your Cara Box!!! I had so much fun finding fun things to add to your "box"!!! You were like the easiest person to shop for :) Can't wait to partake again!

Miss Riss said...

This looks so fun!! I'm gonna have to check it out!

Wifessionals said...

she gave you like 1000 jealous (:

Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello said...

Checking out everyone's Cara Boxes - love the nail polish! And love coupons, manicure set - wow, what a great way to get ready for a date! :)

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