Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I will never be!

Real life friend and blogger Holly is having a fun little link up until tomorrow and I thought I'd join in.

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Lord knows we all talk about the things we are and want to be, but what about those things you'll never be?
 Kind of a fun challenge isn't it?

Things I'll never be...

- Closed-minded about anything. 
I mean I know I have my stubborn streaks but I'm always open to hear some new thoughts, ideas, etc.
Nor will I allow myself to be the ignorant.
Source: flickr.com via Megan on Pinterest

- A winter lover.
I get through it because I love fall and spring, but if I had my way it'd be 70 all day, everyday!

- A girl who wears yellow. 
Can't do it, just can't.

- A good singer.
I can sing, but not well.
- A heavy drinker.
Half because I don't have to be anyways it takes me like 2 beers to get drunk and half because I just don't like it.
I hate the way I feel when I'm drunk and I hate the next day a million times more.

- A push over.
I will do things for others, go out of my way to make them happy but I will not be used and abused here peeps.
- Into make up. 
As much as I like to look pretty it's just not my thing and luckily I don't really need it.

- A patient driver, or maybe even person!
That breathing and counting to 10 crap just doesn't cut it.

- A girl who is late. 
I am never late, never have been, never will be.
Source: imgfave.com via Megan on Pinterest

- A girl with curly hair...
or any curl in her hair at all!

 - A person that dislikes animals.
I'll always love these little faces!
Source: 101cute.com via Megan on Pinterest

- A dieter.
Love my food, I'd rather work out a billion hours before dieting.
Yeah, I just said that...

- A perfect wife
But I'll try my hardest!
Source: hootsuite.com via Megan on Pinterest

- Quiet. 
I am just loud, I can't help it and I'm not sure that is something that you can just change.  

What are some things you'll never be?

Happy Tuesday!


Kimberly Cotter said...

I hear you on the winter thing and wearing yellow--two things I'll also never be! Fun list :)

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Anonymous said...

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