Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rest in Peace Chris

Today we will be celebrating the life and laying to rest one of Kev's dear cousins, Chris.

I am not one to normally talk about death, I am not good at it.
I am not good at handling all the emotions so I tend to stay quiet, but for Chris I think I have some words to say. 

Chris was the first member of Kev's family I ever met. 
It was at one of Kev's parties, when he lived in this apartment during college. 
I remember being kind of nervous knowing he was going to be coming, why?
I have no idea maybe because deep down I knew Kev was the one and meeting family and making a good first impression was important to me?
I remember when I spotted him thinking "wow, could it be anymore clear that Kev and Chris are related?" They looked so similar. 
I remember having small talk with him through the night, but it wasn't until the very end and he called me over to a table he was sitting at outside. 
He started going on about how Kev and him grew up close and knowing being older they had grown apart some but he could tell that Kev was happy with me. 
He said that it was important for him to know that because Kev was family and his happiness meant something to him.
Right after he said to me "Welcome to the family". 
At first, I was shocked because Kev and I had not been dating the long, but immediately after I smiled, because I guess I knew he really meant it and that one day I would be his family.
 I'll never, ever forget that.
He was so quick to accept me and was looking out for his family.
He was a really great guy in so many ways.

You are greatly loved
and will be terribly missed by your friends and family.
Please watch over us, protect us, and know you will never leave our hearts.
 Rest in Peace.



Mary Brown said...

What an awesome tribute to my baby boy. Megan, I love you and thank you for holding me up when you didn't even know you did!

osmr said...

You have a wonderful memory here. I am certain you will keep Chris in your heart forever as his kindness and his love of family were so strong. My heart goes out to all of his family which includes you now. God Bless, Chris, may your journey be fill with love and peace!

Ashley said...

So sorry for your guys' loss. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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