Monday, July 25, 2011

How many Megan O's are there...

NONE!!!!!!....for now :) 

As I have explained before there are a lot of Megan's running around the family. Megan O (Kevin's biological sister), myself: Megan Rob, and then Megan R (Kevin's step sister). There has always been confusion/joking around about how many Megan O's are there going to be by the end of this year. The answer: just one! As of Saturday Megan O has changed her name to Megan P! So even now there are I told you previously above :) 

From Friday's post you all should know that Megan O got married. She and Mark's day could not have gone any better in my opinion. The room was filled with great food, dancing, and so much love! 
Mr. & Mrs. Phillips!
Their ceremony and reception were held at The Graystone in downtown. I had never been there before and I really loved it. The space had a lot of character, and I think it fit very nice with Megan's style for the day - classic.
The inside where dinner was held.
Speaking of Megan's style she looked amazing. Of course she is always a pretty girl, but as always on your wedding day, she was just radiant. I adored her dress; it was simple and very elegant. The open back was a beautiful touch - I think that is one of the sexiest "body parts" on a woman. Her grandma added her own little touches for Megan to the dress. It made the dress even more special in that way. I loved her hair with the touch of pearl hairpins, and she wore a veil that belonged to family member. I believe that Megan is an old soul and I think her look on this day solidified my belief :)
Gorgeous :D
Check out the open back & veil.
Mandy is one of Megan's many cousins, but is also easily one of her best friends. You could probably call them sisters if you wanted to. I loved Mandy's maid-of-honor speech. She and Megan have grown up together, which explains the extremely closeness they share. It was a very genuine and sentimental speech as Mandy spoke about Megan & Mark. I think it helps a lot when the maid-of-honor or best man know the couple as a whole and individuals so they can speak to each...Mandy nailed it.
Let the dancing begin. The night flew by as everyone enjoyed themselves with mingling, drinking, and dancing. Megan and Mark had a blast and that is really all anyone can ask for.

Father/Daughter Dance.
Shaking it :)
Mark's favorite song & dance - The Humpty Dance.
Everyone on the dance floor. Check out Ann & Mandy in the middle there lol.

These two deserve everything in this world. They are hard-working, caring, hilarious people! I couldn't be any happier for my new family, Megan & Mark. I am excited to watch their married life journey unfold and what other shenanigans these two can get into. I wish them nothing but the greatest love and happiness in the world.
Love ♥


Mary Brown said...

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. I also am so excited for Mark and Megan's journey to continue as one!!! I will enjoy the ride. They just fit perfectly!!! Megan R you were stunning that evening also!!!!

Megan Robideau said...

Thanks Mary :)

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