Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking back to the old school...

So I felt the need to share this with everyone because I'M SO EXCITED! The 90's are back people! Yep, that's right..starting next Monday expect to see some 90's Nick re-runs!  

I use to love all of these shows and they get brought up all the time whenever my friends & I talk about growing up. You see all those groups and fan pages about "you know you grew up in the 90's when"...well here it is, we get to re-live it! You better believe I'll be watching it too!

Due to my love of these shows here are some of my favorites.

Salute Your Shorts
Easily one of my favorites! You all remember Sponge, Donkeylips, Telly, and the gang getting into their adventures in love, friendship, and madness at times. The guy that played Ug Lee had a brother that went to high school with my mom. I remember telling her I wish I could have met him lol.

Are you Afraid of the Dark? 
Again easily a favorite, but boy did it use to the scare the crap out of me! I wanted to be a member of the midnight society so bad..they got to sneak out after dark, tell scary stories, and even better threw the dust that use to make the fire go WHOOSH!! (surprised no body singed an eyebrow or two). I think I'm looking forward to this one the most.

Clarissa Explains it All
Even though alot of things MJH went through didn't really apply due to age I loved this show! All the characters of this show still stick in my head..maybe it's because her parents were a bit off, and Ferguson...well with a name like Ferguson you are bound to be a little twit aren't you? I can still hear the music that went off whenever Sam brought his ladder to Clarissa's window....does anyone else think that is kind of odd now considering their age? My parents would have killed me if a boy with a ladder was always in my room. lol.

We all know that theme song don't act like you don't! This was probably one of my favorite cartoon shows the Nick put on. Who can forget about Patty, Skeeter, and the lovable pup Porkchop! Can't wait to have this little jiggle running through my head all day =/ 

The Rugrats
I think this is one of the first shows I actually remembering watching. Even as a I got older I didn't like that they turned the little tots into teens (weird!). I can recall sitting in front of the TV wondering what those crazy little babies were going to get into For being so little they sure got away with a lot. I was probably scheming lol. 

Double Dare
First off - check out that commercial! Now onto to Double Dare. You remember the green slim right?! I sure do. I never really wanted to go on this show but I know I watched it because it was funny.  I actually would have hating doing something like this myself, but watching everyone else go through it...totally.worth.it

All That
The first ever kids comedy show. The first time we were exposed to Kenan and Kel. Who love's orange soda?...I think that is enough said! 

Hey Arnold
Another one of my favorites. It didn't show up until a little later down the 90's line, but even then I enjoyed it! Arnold & crew taught me some very valuable life lessons..like if you have a football head you'll get made fun of forever! I use to loath Helga G. Pataki for being so mean to everyone (she always punched the poor kid in the nose!) and always thought she got what she deserved...guess I was a bit confrontational even as a kid.

The list could go on and on in my book. Speaking of list if you like these check out this complete show list from Nick in the 90's. Shows like The Adventures of Pete & Pete, KaBlam, AHHH Real Monsters, and the Legends of the Hidden Temple will forever live on in my heart. Now they can come back to live in my TV :D


Audra said...

The intro for "Are you afraid of the dark" is one of the scariest things of all time. I just watched it and got the chills. Creepy!!

Megan Robideau said...

I know I thought that same thing when I watched it again! I can't believe that is/was a kids show!

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