Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Good morning faithful readers :) I hope you are having a terrific Thursday. Holy moly did I just say Thursday! It seems like time has come up in a lot of conversation - between the lack of it and how quickly it is all flying by. I'm pretty sure in the last 2 weeks I've said I can't believe it's --insert date here-- about 100 times! Where the heck is time going and how can I make it slow down just a litttttle bit? Now I don't mean slow down during the work hours or anything but slow your roll on weekends and please don't bring October TO quickly there is still a lot I need to do! I don't necessarily feel like I'm missing anything I just cannot believe that it's July already. My best friend if getting married in two days when it seems like just yesterday she was newly engaged. It feels even more like yesterday to myself and I'm under the 3 month mark! WHOA! Weekends don't seem to last more than a second and I never get enough sleep - which you know results it trying to catch up on the weekdays but who am I kidding. So really why does it seem like time is moving so much quicker than what is use to. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I am getting older. The older I get the more I have going on. Granted I know that this year is especially busy due to the 10-01-11 wedding bells I'm hearing in the distance! Anyways, the older I get the more it seems like the days, months, even years are flying. Is that really what it is, maybe it's just as an adult you have a more realistic sense of time and what that means. I miss the days as a kids where an hour seemed like an eternity, even when you were playing time didn't seem to go this fast. I will say that I don't only believe it's because I'm getting older, but it's because I'm having fun! Yes, even on the weekdays I have fun. I have fun with co-workers telling hilarious stories, I have fun having getting a Mani right after work (deserved!), and I have fun having dinner or TV dates with friends. I'll be having alot of fun at all the upcoming weddings, I'm having fun planning my own wedding, and the weekends are always jammed packed with something fun going on. All the fun can be tiring but I'm glad to be a part of it. Despite the all good times I do wish time would slow down, probably because the fun is over so quickly. I cannot wait for this weekend to kick off the wedding season and watch two of my best friends become Mr. & Mrs...woo woo! Time might be flying but I wouldn't want to spend it any other way!

Not a problem Granny :)

There are moments I wish I could go back to the days where time didn't seem to exist
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Until next time! xoxo


Mr. Phan said...

I love how your whole post is one huge paragraph :)

Jim Robideau said...

I usually don't comment but I do follow your blog. You are doing a great job and I really enjoy it. This one particularly hit me. I always tell parents with young kids to enjoy every day with them. Don't wish for the future because it comes and goes way too fast. And here is that little girl that I used to carry on my shoulders getting married. I couldn't be happier for you or more proud of you! You have grown into a fantastic young woman and I'm blessed to have been able to watch it happen.

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