Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am now a Pinterest addict


Yeah yeah I'm a day late...sue me..I'm going to do this anyways! I'm totally going to blame Holly over at Running in Stilettos for this new addiction! Between this and Etsy I never leave the internet. So I've linked up and decided to play along. This Pinterest post is purely wedding :) There are things that I would actually love to use/wear and other things are just things I like. Sometimes I wish you could get married to the same person more than one time so you could do all the fun themes that are out there! 

I think this dress would make an awesome rehearsal dress. I love the style & the color! Red the color of L.O.V.E - how appropriate!

I have officially found what I would like to do  with my hair for the wedding. However, I'm a bit nervous that this won't happen. I love my hair, I really do, but it is so slick that literally the only person(s) who can get it to stay styled in any way shape or form is a hair stylist. Now notice I said slick, not thin. I have stick straight hair, always have, always will. What do you think? Doable? Can't hurt to try right!

I'm still working on my bridesmaids gifts. I have a couple things already under my belt but I thought these things were really cute ideas. I like the idea of customizing the gift to be more fitting for the bridesmaid as they aren't all the same. It's hard to really show your appreciate for everything they do through presents. My girls have been awesome and I can't say thank you enough to all of them for being the amazing women that they are!

Think: this gold nail polish with a ivory tip for a spunky french manicure. I am going to admit that I have had fake nails for about...6 years straight now. I'd had them before that off & on though. I literally don't remember the last time that I saw my real nails (because they suck!). That being said I my nails are something that I can have some fun with without it being completely over the top! Just a fun little detail! Fun or to much?
So I already have my shoes...and these are not them. However, mine are gold like my girls will be, and these are entirely to fun to not show off. I like them because they are fun, different, classy, and can definitely be worn again.

I absolutely love these pictures and think they are great ideas. You don't see them to often either...there are just some poses that are a little overused. Kevin and I do not plan on seeing each other before hand so I really like that idea of that top picture! I love the bottom one for several reasons actually. I think that Kev and I are very pretty close to our entire bridal party. It's important to him and me that we get great pictures with all of them and both side separately! This is such a fun way to go about it that. I really hope we can pull something like this off :) Being the photography lover that I am and knowing our photographers I know we will get some fun things no matter what!

This is so clever. I would have never thought to have done something like this for my "something blue". I may need to talk to my dress alterations person to see what they can do! 

So Kevin and I are not going to have a guest book, but we are going to have a wish jar. I'm not sure I could wait to read what people had to say even a few days let alone 5 years, but I do like the thought of having your guests give you not only wishes, but hopes and advice!

I really like this entire spread. The flowers, the table number, the gold object in catch my drift. We do have our flowers and recently had our "mid-term" to get to see them. I loved them and Kev did for as much as he could like a flower arrangement :) However, we don't have table numbers yet. I'm looking for something with a little bit more flair than just the plain janes. These seem prefect. I love that it's not to crazy but has the nice shine to it that makes it pop from the table. We will see what I can come up with...this may be a DIY project for yours truly.

Does anyone have any idea if this is true? When I read it the sentimental person came out in me. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because I enjoy history and learning the origins of long running traditions. I also like the thought that the symbol of endless love is also connected to your heart not only in mind but in a subtle physical way as well. I think Google-ing this as soon as I'm done here.

Of course it's not just all about the wedding, but the after and all the goodies you get :) I don't think I'll get any of these things but I love them! I will definitely be getting the first picture to hang out up in the living room. I've loved all my roommates but none as much as Kevin. The Mr. & Mrs. pillows are just cute and I think it would be a fun little touch to the bedroom decor. I'm sure as most people Kev and I have our certain sides of the bed so they would work out perfectly :) I love the idea of the last picture it's a picture of where you met, where you got married, and where you honeymoon. I think we'd have to change it up a little bit since we met in Westerville and are getting married in Columbus. I just think they are to close so what if we did the places we are from, where we met & got married, and then were we honeymoon? Does that work or no? I kind of like it because it's a bit of our history blended with the future. Who doesn't love that!


Audra said...

Did you find out if Fact 93 was true?? I love that!! And I loooooove that hairstyle! I hope you decide to use it, it's gorgeous!

Megan Robideau said...

So I did find out that is what people wayyyyy back in the day believed before they knew much about the circulatory system, but it doesn't really, it's just that the tradition stuck. It's true in my book :) :) Thanks I like it alot too! I am definitely going to have her try it at the trial run! I'm sure she can make it work, or at least I reallllllyyyyy hope so.

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