Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This week I'm loving... 

I'm loving...that this wedding planning business is almost over. 1) I'm excited to marry Kevin - my love, my life, my best friend, my everything :) 2) I've been going at this madness for over a year and a half's time. 3) I will get to see everyone I care about, and it's been awhile for some of those people! 4) I'm not sure if I can make any more decisions. I know this sounds a bit negative and I am having fun planning but again I'm ready.
I feel like I've probably made every single one of these faces along the wedding planning way.
I'm loving...rompers! Currently I own two and I plan on getting more! They are easy, comfortable, and stylish. Honestly the only downfall could be the going to the bathroom part. Depending on your state of mind a bathroom break could be a doozy lol.
One of the two rompers I own. It was so nice in Punta Cana...good breathable fabric :)
I'm loving...Family Video. We decided to get a membership since Netflix is jacking up their prices like crazy and we don't even use it that much! It's cheap...cheaper than both Netflix & Blockbuster. In some cases it's even cheaper than RedBox since we just got two movies for 5 nights for about $3.00! Movie nights here I come :)

I've loving...snacks. Hello my name in Megan and I'm a snacker! I love those days you have where you kind of just have snack foods set out for the day and people pick at it as they come and go or as the night goes on. You don't really even ever have to eat a full meal but you are stuffed from all the veggies, cheeses, and other finger foods.  Even at work I bring in small little packages of things: fruit snack, little bags of pretzel or trail mix, etc...LOVE THEM!
I'm loving....Sam's Club. Due to my snacking addiction :) and of course for the bulk buying that ends up saving me a ton in the long run. Yes, yes I know it's a little bit of an investment initially, but trust me, when you don't have to run to the store because you ran out of your 15 roll pack for about $11 you could have gotten 36 for $20. I will say that not everything is worth buying in bulk, but things like cleaning supplies, deodorant, canned goods you get way more for quite a bit less. And this is Megan being frugal - BAM!

I'm loving...Victoria Secret. Mainly because the swimsuits are on sale. Between honyemoon shopping, bacholerette parties, and my own wedding to shop for VS should give me some kind of super spender recognition! 

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