Friday, March 23, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday :)

1. My favorite color is    jade. I've been in love with this color for the last year!...and I really want that dress .

2. My home decor color palette includes    earth tones - browns, reds, yellows, greens, but we do have two blue rooms as well  . 

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the color     red and certain greens. No idea why, probably the skin tone.
From junior year! Honestly think that's the last time I wore that much red.

4. The color I detest is     I'm not a huge fan of pink but I wouldn't say I detest it, just don't use it a lot.

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you'd see would be    aren't too bright. I have a lot of black and white stuff, but I have almost every color in between. 

6. A color that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is    yellow! I look awful in yellow! 

7. The color of my favorite dress is   Um. Well I have two. One is blue & white (with a red tank) and then multi colored.

Happy Friday!


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