Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend ended up being as great as I thought it would be, if not better!

Friday night we headed up to NY for our little ski trip. Going in we were unsure if we were even going to be able to ski, with the weather being the way it's been there were no promises. Actually, the promise was rain. Rain + skiing = Megan's death. Lucky for us that didn't happen and it snowed instead! Starting off it was a little rough, but I picked it back up quite quickly! Very few spills on my part and by the end my lower body hated me, especially my knees and my thighs! It was an absolute blast!

This ladies & gents is the only picture I got of us "hitting the slopes" and even then we are in the lodge. It's all about the goggles :) Don't hate me Danielle....
I learned its not really convenient to try to take any kind of photos when you are doing a physical activity. Especially those involving mountains and skinny rails for shoes!

We stayed in a cabin for the 8 of us. I loved it. Reminded me of my family lake cabin. It was spacious without being ridiculous, and the whole weekend smelled like bonfire thanks to the wood burning fireplace. It was heavenly. To take advantage of the cabin and each others company we ended up staying in both nights, playing games, talking, and of course...eating! :)

Sunday came much to quickly but knowing we had The Black Keys concert that night made everything better. I was so excited to see this band, it's probably one of my favorites! They did not disappoint even remotely! All my favorite songs were played, we danced and sang the whole time, and the band just sounded incredible!
At Tommy's. It was the first time I'd ever been and it was really good! Their pizza was amazing!
Waiting for the concert to start.
Yes, we sat boys together & girls together :) We switched part way into the concert though.

The Schott was packed!!!!
The Black Keys!
They brought out two giant disco balls! The lighting was so cool!
Last song of the evening :(
What is cool about The Black Keys tour this year is that each city get's it's own poster! I had to buy this bad boy online the next day because they sold out so fast at the concert! 

I had so much fun this weekend and as always wished it could of lasted just a little bit longer! 

What did you guys do this weekend?

Happy Tuesday!


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Ashley said...

Looks like you had a really fun weekend!!

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