Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's that time folks. To talk about what is okay. Although this week hasn't seemed to bring a whole lot of okays there are some! So it's okay...

to not find anything fair about losing a friend at age 23.

to cry (in public!)

Source: via Megan on Pinterest


to laugh. Remembering the life and good times is a good thing!

to keep thinking about my friends who have lost someone closest to them. 

to not understand why things happen they way they do. I just have to keep faith

that immediately after I say that "I need to save money" I say "I have to go to DSW for some new shoes." What?...I have a $40 coupon that has to be used by Sunday...that's like a free pair of shoes.

that I intend to go to DSW and spend more than that $40 coupon. I really do need new flats mine are shot!

that I eat sushi at least once a week! It's become a weekly work ritual and notice that "at least" =/

to find it very very difficult to be in doors on the first really nice days of the year. 
Mr. Gunner enjoying the sunshine on Tuesday!

to not be that upset that the very loud thunderstorm kept me up when it rolled through. I like thunderstorms and it was pretty cool to watch for a little bit. 

that I'm almost more excited about the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes than St. Patty's Day itself. Hey, I said almost! 
to have watched Doomsday Bunkers and start to think it might not be a bad idea to get one of those suckers! Although the people on that show can be a bit insane and I'm pretty sure the world isn't going to end this year...just someday.

I could believe this & I've actually heard things about the calendar shift not being correct.

I believe this more so than the world actually ending in 2012. They just happened to get wiped out, had they not I would suspect the calendar would have kept on truckin. Sorry for the not nice F bomb!

What have been your okays this week? 

Happy Thursday!



Married...with a Pup said...

Whoa $40 to dsw?!?! That is seriously exciting stuff right there! Definitely cannot pass that up!

Ashley said...

Lots too comment on here. I am sorry to hear you lost a friend. I keep hearing of more and more of my classmates dying and I am only 27!
I am jealous of your $40.00 coupon and that thing about the mayan calendar seriously makes me feel better. Not gonna lie.... sometimes I wonder if the world is going to end.

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