Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Recap: Luck of the Irish and other stuff!

Finally got all those pictures taken care of so I get to share the fun times from this weekend. My apologizes for the laziness, but I do believe that is what Sundays are for :)

The plan for Friday had been for Kev and I to go to dinner with our friends Jason & Danielle to Two Fish as I have a couple Groupons that need used. However, that quickly changed when I realized we couldn't use the Groupons on Friday, only Sunday - Thursday...and to top it off you can't even use it on sushi! Groupon fail. Good thing I like all seafood though.

Instead we went over to BJ's and had dinner with Jason's dad & step mom. I'm not sure if BJ's is a very big franchise but it's a microbrewery and delicious restaurant. If they have one near you or you are in the Columbus you should head over there and try out their seasonal beer Abbey Normal. It's different, I'll let you make up your mind yourself :)

The rest of the evening was spent making those Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes I kept talking about!
 {1}The before.
{2}Guiness mix for the cupcake batter
{3}Going into the oven!
{4} The aftermath!!!...and that was just the cupcake part =/

 {5}Whiskey Ganache
{6}Hole-y cupcakes! Yes, I know I'm punny
{7} Filling those bad goes up with a turkey baster!
(Kev came up with the turkey baster, it helped! Genius #1)

 {8}Bailey's frosting! YUM!!!
(Jason put the frosting into a bag to help with the frosting Genius #2)
{9}Frost dem cupcakes

{10} Finish product!!!!
They aren't as nice as what you see on Pinterest but I promise they were AMAZING! 

I can't say that this is a particularly easy recipe but it's not as hard as it might seem when you read the directions! I'm pretty proud of Danielle for tackling these. To make things even better...they were AWESOME!

Of course Saturday was what it was all about this weekend! Jason and Danielle live within an easy walking distant of the Short North where we prefer to go out in Columbus so I headed down there pretty early for some breakfast. What started off as green eggs and beer ended up being a BLT with cheese and regular beer lol. No more green food coloring and we ate later than intended. The whole rest of the day and evening was spent bar hopping the Short North area.

This isn't even mine. I didn't drink one green beer!
 Danielle - "Am I allowed to wear this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" necklace since I'm not Irish and ya can't kiss me...well unless you're Jason"


 Last year we had big green sunglasses, this year it's a big green bow tie!

The boys :)

 Singing with one another.
It's a true Bromance

I look rough.
It had been several hours of bar hopping...I think that's all I need to say.

This is why we are friends :)

Beer attack!!!!!
(aka sticking our finger in Jeremy's beer so he can't drink it...even though he did)

Saturday was an absolutely blast! I couldn't have had a better St. Patrick's Day :)

Sunday, as you can imagine, was spent recovering and relaxing. Although I wasn't hungover my body and mind did not want to really do much of anything! So we lounged, did some laundry (I feel like I do laundry everyday!). Gained some energy by dinner and went out for some sushi (go figure!!!) and went to do some weekly grocery shopping.

Well that trip was cut short. We were down to our last two items when the voice on the intercom told us there was a tornado warning in effect. Kev and I hustled to get out of there 1) we were being told we were going to get locked in there if it got worse and 2) the dog had to have been freaking out...he really hates storms. So we get scanned, down to our case of pop and BAM power goes out. Thankfully it comes back on but we can say bye bye to all the groceries because all registers were down. We left them sitting and booked it back to the house. Luckily the storm pasted with no issue and we got down to business.
Out back after the storm. The sky had taken on that eerie yellow!
TV watching business that is...the finale of The Walking Dead, Frozen Planet premiere, East Bound!

I cannot get enough of the Walking Dead. OMG! Did you guys see it? I won't lie, I'm glad Shane is dead and really all the rest of the smaller roles like Jimmy.
However, I think Rick is going a little nutty, telling the group about them all having the virus and that it is no longer a democracy.
I guess you gotta do what you gotta do in a zombie apocalypse!
I kind of spoiled it a little and reverted to the graphic novels to figure out who the hooded figure was! I even know who the zombies are attached to her. Thank you graphic novels for the details!
 Then the prison. Clearly that's where they will fortify like Rick was screaming about...right? Right! Do you think there will be people in there? Ex prisoners who have locked down shop? Good people maybe? Just a bunch of walkers?

Frozen Planet did not disappoint in the least! I have been in love with these series since Planet Earth! They are all just so good and now this one about the areas of the planet I probably know least about! Although even at 25 I have issues with the whole circle of life thing...hey it's sad to watch animals get hunted down If you didn't catch the premiere you missed out. No worries though I'm sure it will play again before the new one on Sunday! It'll be worth it!

*sigh* What a good weekend!

Did you have a good weekend too? What did you do?

Happy Tuesday


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