Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Isn't all this weather just awesome! I am still reeling that it's only March and we are having 80 degree weather. Almost makes me a little nervous as I have a feeling this means it's only going to get hotter as the summer rolls in...hello 100+ degrees! I suppose that'd be ok though too.

I also find it okay...

that I feel as if I don't have any good clothes for spring & summer. Even though I've been getting things here and there.

to have gotten 5 pairs of flats in less then a week. All together it's cost me less that $150 to get them all. Thank you DSW & discount sites.
All 5 pairs in all their glory. Simple, but I needed some basics to replace the old!


to be obsessively looking for coral colored skinnies.All the ones I've found are out of my size, or really freakin' expensive.
that after the last two years I've really come to realize that global warming is really happening, and happening fast! I didn't not believe it, just saying it's really solidified it's true

to hate that it's coming up on politics season! I just love sitting around watching bashing advertisements and lying. UGH!

that I saw 21 Jump Street and instantly knew it would be part of the movie collection. It's actually really good & funny!

to get new music to listen to from commercials.
{from the Bing commercial}

that at my age I still struggle with having to certain things for people when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves. They are just being lazy.

to be really sad that the Walking Dead is over for the season.

to be even more sad that I am not going to The Hunger Games tonight/tomorrow, but I will be seeing it!

to realize that I shouldn't be sad about the movie because it's going to be a mad house and I would surely end up punching someone.

to have already turned on the AC because our house was to muggy and hot at night.

to be looking forward to the end of this work day so I can go outside :)

Happy Thursday!



Joey said...

I totally never believed in "global warming" either! But now there's no denying it! It was hardly cold this winter and spring is more like summer!!!!

Cute blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you through the link up, I love your blog design! I'm really excited about The Hunger Games too, but we con't go until Saturday. I'm hoping it's not as bad by then (but it probably will be!)

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

i got some coral chinos from h&m for i think $30.

they aren't exactly "skinny", but they are snug, and very narrow at the ankle, and SOOOO much more comfy than any skinny jean i've ever tried on.

coral pants is THE color of the season, so i'm glad i snagged a cheap, comfy pair to tout this sunny and warm spring :D

Ashley said...

Love all your new flats! Did I see a pair of Tory Burch ones?! I am so sad that Walking Dead is over... don't know what to do with myself! :)
I haven't read the Hunger Games yet but feel like I should!

poptartyogini said...

So much to comment on!! Flats are always a good idea. I always hate my clothes for the upcoming season but hate to shop more. So I deal. I couldn't get into the walking dead. I watched the whole first season and the first episode of the second before my husband declared that he could not take how slow the plot moved. I agreed. However, I've convinced him to read the hunger games. Yeah!!

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