Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art of be Happy

Sometimes I think people try entirely to hard to be happy. 
In my opinion and experience I don't think you should have to try, I think you should just be.
It's easy to go through your daily routine without being aware of how happy some of those things can actually make you.

Today I am challenging myself, and all of you to extract your happiness from the common things in your life
Maybe after taking a good look those things won't seem so common anymore.

Happy Tuesday.


Sarah said...

Such a great reminder to find joy in the little things :)

ylenia said...

This is so true!
Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

Talia Jacole said...

This is such a wonderful reminder! Thanks for sharing :)

♥ Talia

becca said...

well said

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