Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Letters!


Dear Gunner,
You are so friggin' cute!!!
I love ya ♥

Dear Weather,
9 degrees...
Is this real life?
Now I understand it's January, but can we warm it up just a notch?

Dear Kev,
Thank you so much for taking me to Trans-Siberian orchestra again.
Even if the story was jacked up as hell the music was amazing and I loved getting to spend that time with you :)

Dear Winter TV,
I cannot wait until you get all of your shows rolling - another one of my favorite times of year!
These would include: Girls, Workaholics, Game of Thrones, Shameless, Bob's Burgers, The Walking Dead finally returns...and there are some new ones that I think I'll enjoy!

Dear Sarge,
You might be hyper as all get out, but you are also realllllly cute!
Yes, I did two letters to two different dogs...sue me.

Dear Ddubs,
Here's to another year of attached at the hip friendship & fun.
Love ya bestest.

Dear Me,
You need to really stick to your resolutions.
Some of them you are doing well on, others...not so much.
It will be difficult, but it will be worth it! 

Happy Friday!



Samantha said...

cute dogs!

Kalie said...

Absolutely love Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts, they are so impressive!

Stephanie said...

9 degrees?! Ugh.
Your puppies are the cutest, I love their little faces!

Jessi Francis said...

WOW! It is cold there! and I thought 25 was bad!
and your dogs are super cute! :)

Jamie said...

That is REALLY cold. Brrr. I thought the twenties were cold!

Miss Riss said...

OMG 9 degrees?!??? It's been in the high 50s this week in AZ and I've been dying! LOL! I never take my coat off! ...I'm such a weenie!

Anonymous said...

9 degrees is just out of line! Yikes. I'd die! Love, an Alabama girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

9 degrees is way too cold! I'm jealous you got to see the Trans-Siberian orchestra!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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