Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashion Struggles

Hello bloggy world. 

How was your weekend?

Ours was fantastic!!!
I mentioned on Thursday that the friends and I were headed down to Snowshoe for a weekend of skiing! 
And that we did, but...and I hate to say it...
 I didn't get a single picture, not one.
I find it very difficult to take pictures on the side of a mountain, flying down a snowy slope.
 Oh well I suppose because the memories will be forever with me :)

 Either way, the conditions for skiing were pretty great, minus it was sooooo cold, like 8 degrees on Friday cold. 
And needless to say I'm sleepy, and sore this morning. 

So for some reason this morning I decided that I wanted to start doing more "fashion" posts around these parts. 

I say fashion loosely because I am not a fashion blogger.
Nor will I ever be, but I think I do dress cute and wouldn't mind showing that off a bit.
I dress quite simply, and might not always be the trend-est at times, but I try!
However, I'm made a resolution to look to Pinterest and what not to help me out a bit with my fashion struggles!
Wouldn't it be great if those outfits just jumped into our closests?
Unfortunately they don't so I really want to focus on working with what I have and putting things together I might not normally do on my own.
I struggle with:
1) Creating new outfits - I tend to wear the same thing each time I wear an item.
2) Combining new colors - I am very visual so when colors don't seem "right" to me I tend to freak out and think I look silly when really it's fine, and probably very cute!
3) Accessorizing - I just don't do it really but then again I am a simple girl with fashion so maybe it's not for me?

So this morning I took to Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration.
Being that I am sleepy and sore from the ski trip knew today would need to be comfy!
What better option than a comfy sweater and a scarf, so that's what I looked for :)

Here was my inspiration:

And here is me :)

What do you think?
 Any of you have trouble when it comes to fashion? 
What do you struggle with?

Happy Monday!


Audra said...

Love your scarf and I LOVE the new blog design! :)

Ashley said...

Nailed it! It looks so cute. I love the pattern of the scarf; it really makes the outfit.

osmr said...

I think you look terrific! I was thinking about the accessorizing you are after. I hope that works for you! I tried very hard to do the same several years ago and never realized I failed until I found a long, chunky necklace in a box in my dresser .... with a tag on it. Talk about burying something! It was then that I realized I had been "tapering off" the accessories for a while. My thought on that? What's wrong with atailored look and clean lines and soft, beautiful jewelry? I don't call it "simple", I call it "understated", "minimalist", "classic"...and you can too if you find yourself back to wearing "the usual". As for scarves - Love them! They hide flaws, add color and interest and keep you warm on cooler days! Keep at it, Megs; pushing boundries is what makes life exciting! You will be cute no matter what!

becca said...

i have trouble deciding on what looks good on me

Kelly Ann said...

I love your interpretation of the look, the scarf is so pretty! I found your blog through from the Whispering Sweet Nothings giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes

Jessica Gehman said...

Love the scarf! I think you did a great job pairing the bright scarf with your sweater, and I really like the boots. Although, I'm a bit of a boot hoarder so I should stop admiring other people's!

Rachel said...

I love how colorful your scarf is! And I don't think you should ever worry about where you are trendy or not--what's important is whether YOU enjoy the clothes you're wearing!

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