Friday, January 11, 2013

Nail Files: Lil' Boa Peep

For Christmas Kev got me a few nail polishes from Essie's Repstyle collection.
Of course, they were camo color themed, but he was excited for me to try them out so I asked him to pick out the first one for me to try!

Here is what he picked...

It's a pretty cool color, I like it.
I like because it's different.
In the bottle it looks pretty silver-ish, but once you put it on it changes a bit.
Even when it was been applied it went from silver to gold to a greenish hue, guess it just depends on the light and other colors around you.
Right now, they are a gray silver!

Also, for this first time around using this polish I didn't really understand how the reptile pattern part worked, and had searched on the Essie site for some explanation before going in, but I didn't find it.
Side note - don't you think the instructions on how this works should be on their site? I do!

However, after I got my nails done I did find how it works and felt a little dumb after the fact because I wondered why the top of the bottles has this square on the top.
Duh, Megan!
*Notice the magnet on the top of the bottle*

This is what they would have looked like had I used the magnet:

If you'd like to get this reptile look follow these simple instructions:
1) Apply one coat of the polish and let dry.
2) Working one nail at a time apply another thin layer of the polish and immediately position the magnet over your nail for a few seconds. This should create the pattern.
3) Once the patterned layer is dry apply a base coat if desired.
The person that gave these directions explained she found it works better with thin layers.

That all being said, next round I'll be trying out the magnet.

Have you guys used this Repstyle polish before? 
And with the magnet?
How did your nails look?

Happy Friday!



Rhonda said...

I have been wanting to try the repstyle. I haven't been interested in other magnetic polishes, but love the pattern on these!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I have been a little nervous about trying the magnetic thing, but now I might have to try it out!! Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

I was SO tempted to buy that the other day but wasn't sure how it would look! Very cool :)

tara said...

oh wow that looks awesome! i've tried sally hansen's magnetic polish and it's really cool!

Kimberlee said...

I totally wouldn't have gotten that either! haha It's basically the magnet effect... but they called it their own name. Odd. I like the color though!

2justByou said...

LOVE this! But they really should have instructions on the site too. I would've been like you and completely ignored the magnet on top. Great post! I gotta get me some of that polish!

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