Monday, April 1, 2013

A Birthday Swap

 I was going through my normal blogging reading routine and stumbled across a swap and thought it'd be a good idea to join.

My birthday is not in March like Amber or Vicki's but I suppose I find March to be a little depressing because there isn't really much going on in the sense of holidays or time off, at least for this girl. So things like a good swap is quite a nice pick me up in the gloomy month of March!

It turned out to be just the thing I need. 
I was matched with KayLynn from KayLynn's Reality and it was pretty clear from the beginning we had a lot in common. 
As we exchanged emails it became much more clear that really did share many similar interests! 
I've really enjoyed reading KayLynn's blog and getting to know her the last couples weeks. 
When it came to picking out the items to send to her I didn't really have any issues knowing the types of things I wanted to get her, it was a matter of finding them!

I think KayLynn and I were very much on the same wave length when it came to the items we got each other because we ended up getting each other very similar things, just different brands or scents!

Thanks KayLynn for all my goodies!

Happy Monday!

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