Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thug Life, err...I mean...

I meant Thug Kitchen
So you guys may or may not have heard about this blog but I feel the need to share because it's awesome.
Anything that is funny and educational is something that I can get into, and this site my friends is just that!

First, let me say that if the site were a movie it'd be rated R, and for two very good reasons.
1) Strong language.
They cuss...a lot, and I'm sorry I'm not sorry about it.
We are all adults here, and since I can have a mouth like sailor myself it doesn't really bug me!
2) Because all of the best stuff is rated R.
Amiright, or amiright?

No further explanation is needed.
I'll let you guys read on for yourselves...

I am now in love with the word "cornvelopes"!

This,this is MY type of website.
A little rough around the edges, but worth getting to know.
The blog has all kinds of delicious looking recipes and information pictures.
The recipes range from drinks to main courses, and the pictures cover a variety of items too.
I haven't actually made any of the recipes myself yet, but I've come across a few folks that have and they've loved it! 

Go check it out!
Thug Kitchen

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

haha this is amazing.

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