Monday, April 29, 2013

April Music Mix-Up: Inspiration

Last month I found Kim's music mix-up swap and I knew that I had to be part of it. 
I love music, and I love me a good swap so what could be better?!

I'm constantly wanting to share some of my new favorite tunes with people and am researching what the latest, popular songs are.
I try to explore all types of music but lord knows I can't possible find all of the good songs out there
I was partnered with Kim too so I was excited to see what she would send my way.

We learned from the start that we have very similar music tastes, which made the swap both very easy and very difficult.
I knew she'd probably like any song I included on the CD, but at the same time I didn't want to include a bunch of songs she knew by heart.
Even though the swap was more about providing inspirational music but giving her songs that were overly popular defeated the purpose in my mind.

I did go into it knowing that I wanted to do a wide range of songs: old, new, alternative, top 40, and of course they had to be inspirational to me.
For some of the songs it was clear why they were inspirational, but others not so much.

Having said that it seems like Kim might have had the same logic in mind because I received a really good mix, with a good amount of variation.
She, like the smarty that she is, included a list of the songs with explanations as to why she found them inspirational.
Why I didn't think of that is beyond on me, but I loved that she did it.
I am so happy with the mix, and I've been listening to it frequently since it arrived.
I love it!

*1) People - AWOLNATION/
2) Walk - Foo Fighters
3) Put it Behind You - Keane
*4) On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
5) Hotel Song - Regina Spektor
6) Carry On - Fun.
7) Anne Braden - Flobots
8) Otherside - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
9) Cassie - Flyleaf
10) Hallelujah - Jason Castro
*11) Million Faces - Paolo Nutini
12) Cookie Jar - Jack Johnson
13) Belief - John Mayer
14) The Cave - Mumford & Sons
15) Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
16) Little Victories - Matt Nathanson
* = top 3 favorites

Thank you so much Kim for the wonderful CD!
I truly have found some new inspiration :)

Happy Monday.


Melissa said...

I love new music!! I can't wait to check out some of these songs!!

Kim Orpin said...

I'm SO glad we were partnered up! I loved getting to pick out songs for you, and I'm so so happy you listed your 3 favorites. Imagine Dragons just makes me want to have a little party- every time :)

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