Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Cara Box Reveal: Going Green

Cara Box

This month to honor Earth Day the Cara Box swap theme was "Going Green" and I could not have gotten better partners!

I sent a box to Jackie @ Health, Love & The Pursuit of Happiness!
She's awesome, and has a really cute blog so go check it out!

The box that I received was from Ashley @ Wannabe Green and I couldn't have asked for a better partner if I tried.
It was great to get know Ashley, and I was able to share some of the "green" projects I wanted to take on with her.
She's educated on being green and has done many green projects herself so she was able to give me some tips, and information sites to reference.
Go check out her blog for some great green projects, crafts, recipes, and much more!

She sent me a great box with a good range of green items from garden items all the way to beauty!
Some of which can help me get some of my green projects rolling!

- Barnes & Noble e-gift card for my Nook!

-2 reusable bags
- garden gloves
- recycle green reflective stickers
- organic skin care items
- a little notebook made from recycled paper
- Daisy, Tomato, and Basil growing starter kits...
which I have already started.
Let's just pray they actually grow.

Thank you so much Ashley for all of my goodies!
I had a lot of fun getting to know you and look forward to getting to know you more in the future.

I have always had a great time doing the Cara Box swaps.
I've met some really great bloggers, and made some new friends!
I've learned new things from them and their blogs.
I've gotten some great packages with thoughtful gifts inside.
Go check it out for yourself, and join the fun!

Happy Tuesday.


Sarah S. said...

The gift card is such a great idea for going green. And I got some garden stuff too!

Anonymous said...

I love Ashley!!! And I really like the box she sent you (:

Ashliegh said...

Love all the gardening stuff! Just found your blog - I'm a fellow Ohioan! Now following!!


Jennifer Davis said...

What a great cara box! I love fresh basil in my kitchen.

Jennifer @ utahqueenofchaos.com

Jackie said...

I'm burning the candle right now that you sent me :) You got some lovely goodies too

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