Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day help for my obsession...

I know I've been a bit  MIA...my bad.
I've been in a bit of a funk lately, which I think it understandable. 
When in said funk I cannot force myself to write.
Any writing that is done during my funks are not things that I want to share, for many reasons.
Mostly because they are just crappy posts...
I should be back into the swing of things over the next week.
Thanks for baring with me here a bit.

Moving on...

We all know what Earth Day is and most of us want to do what we can to help out the planet. 
We know that this means recycling, reusing, cleaning eat, etc. 
However, there is also something that I know most people don't think about, including myself, that I have become more aware of lately thanks to some house cleaning. 
That something is being aware and following the policy of properly disposing of items like paints, electronics, and beauty items.

While cleaning the garage Kev and I came across many cans of paint and other electronic items that we knew we couldn't just put in the trash but we really didn't know where to put it.
We researched and found a few places in the area that will take things like old paint and small applicances for disposal and recycling, and we also found out that if you can find a construction dumpster all of those materials are sorted through and will be disposed of in correct way.
We opted for the latter, found a dumpster and put everything in it. 
It made me feel better to know that even though it would have been easier just to put in our trash we took the extra effort and helped the environment.

Now, you're probably wondering why this helps with my obsession right?
As I mention make-up and beauty items can be included in the items you need to worry of disposing of properly.
Kinda freaky right?
However, I don't think any of us are naive to the fact that some beauty products are made with harmful chemicals that can hurt the environment or us if ingested.

Nail polish happens to be one of those beauty items.
I won't deny it, and we all know that I love nail polish!
A lot.
 I'm to the point where I have way too many and some are just old and I need to pitch them.
How I am getting rid of mine?
Well, Zoya is having an Earth Day event that will benefit us all!
 Here's the deal. 
You, as nail polish junkies like myself, can purchase some new polishes for 50% off.
This is any polish, excluding the Pixie Dust collection, and you can get up to 24!
In return Zoya is asking that you send them the same amount you purchase in old and/or unwanted polishes you currently have. 
These can be any brand (not just Zoya), any type (gel, matte, normal), and of course any color.
They'd like if you send up to at least 6.
So if you get 6 new polishes send them back 6 you don't want! 
Easy enough right?
*disclaimer: please speak to your mail person or research the best way to ship nail polish as they are considered "hazardous material" when shipping
Don't need you polish package to get to hot and blow up or something.
They will then dispose of all of the polishes so all of the toxins in nail polish doesn't spill into the Earth just sitting in a landfill.

Despite that fact that that is really a great deal, it is just to easy not to participcate in!
It may seem small, but it is important to realize that being environmentally friendly comes in all different ways, and every little bit helps.

I found a few facts (articles) that directly relates to the improper disposable to electronics and other harmful chemicals.
I think it's important to understand how this is affecting your family, because this is a problem we are having right now...

- E-waste (electronics) represents 2 percent of America's trash in landfills, but it equals 70 percent of overall toxic waste. The extreme amount of lead in electronics alone causes damage in the central and peripheral nervous systems, the blood and the kidneys.

- Decomposing materials in landfills leach harmful chemicals such as chlorides and heavy metals into the soil. Rainwater picks them up and delivers them to the water table and drinking water of people and animals. According to the American Journal of Environmental Sciences, landfill leachate has been implicated in developmental anomalies, birth defects and surface and groundwater pollution worldwide. They define leachate as "the potentially polluting liquor that accumulates under a landfill site as a result of the infiltration and percolation of rainfall, groundwater, runoff, or flood water into and through existing or abandoned solid waste landfill sites."

- Wet garbage, including yard waste which is 50 to 70 % water, adds to the toxic stew of chemicals -- household cleaners, antiperspirants, nail polish, paint and so on -- that mix in a landfill. In old, unlined landfills, this leachate, diluted and made more mobile by rainwater, percolated down to the bottom of the fill. There, it would sink into the soil, spreading downwards and outwards in a characteristic brush-stroke shape known as a plume, contaminating soil and water as it moved. 

Happy Tuesday!


2justByou said...

This is really cool! Definitely a great Earth Day event. =0)

Jess said...

Awesome Earth Day Event & sale. Thanks for sharing!!

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