Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Hour

Tonight is happy hour with some of the girls :) I get pretty excited to see this group as it doesn't happen to often, but every time I'm around them I'm inevitably leave with my stomach hurting from laughing so hard, and a sore jaw from smiling! Neither of which I mind! As called for there will also be lots of food & adult beverages. Food & drinks you say? Don't mind if I do! From previous posts you'd know that I enjoy a good beer (or a few). Unfortunately none of the beers that are my absolute favs would be on the happy hour list :( Well,  Corona would be but that doesn't seem to happen to often either. Anyways, I felt like this was the opportune time to share some of my favorites of one of my favorite things :) Beer.

One of my all time favorites. I tried this guy early on in my quest for beer exploration. I enjoy wheat beers, I can only usually drink one (which is fine!) because they are pretty heavy and I get full. Even though it says it's Raspberry you only get a very subtle taste of that and that's what I like. I think some favored beers are just to strong of a flavor. I still want my beer to taste like beer, or why else am I drinking it. So far I have not enjoyed many of the fruity flavored beers I've come across. Blue Moon or Shocktop I think would be my exceptions.
 I literally have liked every Magic Hat beer I've tried. That doesn't really narrow down as a favorite, but I think that says something all in itself. I believe that Magic Hat has a beer for all people. Even if it's just one of there seasonals. Of course the Magic Hat #9 is still probably my favorite out of all of them. They say that #9 is a bit of a mystery since the brewing company doesn't really let on to what is all in it. It's refreshing, crisp, but not quite a pale ale. Hmm....there really isn't another beer like it.

Ok so I guess sometimes Peroni can be on Happy Hour special. Peroni is one of my favorites just because it's something a little lighter. It's got a little bit more bubble to it then most beers I think too. Being a champagne fan it's right up my alley. I usually get something like this when I know I'm going to end up eating alot. Again heavy beers make me full, this one, does not. 

 I tried this when I was in DC with a couple of my girl friends. We went to this little local pizza place and they had a different and large assortment of beers. Of course with a name like Guido I have to try this stuff. I also picture messaged all Jersey Shore obsessed friends this :) I ended up really liking it. It's a bit darker than what I would usually go for, but I'm glad I did. Due to it's dark color it's got a descent bit of the hoppy bitter taste to it and it's rich.

 As you can tell from the picture this bad boy is a dark one. It's surprising I like it as much as I do purely based on this fact. I don't mind dark beers, I just can't usually finish them. They get to bitter or to heavy for me. This one though, is a good one. One  I'll finish, but I'm probably not eating anything while I'm drinking it. It's a Russian Imperial Stout. There are high levels of alcohol, malt like characteristics, and low levels of carbonation. The roasted flavors tend to be quite evident right along with the alcohol. I'd say even if you are someone a little afraid of dark beer, just give it a try. You might surprise yourself. 

 This is another one that I tried in DC with my friends, and again, I love it! Part of what I like best about it is the name - how fun :)  I would have to say that I did like this one over the Guido. It's a mix between a wheat and a pale ale. So it's got a bit of heaviness to it, but not like a full wheat beer would have. I've discovered that I like beers that are hoppy. This one covers that taste, it's got a good hoppy finish to it! It use to be a seasonal beer, and has now changed to a year round beer. I think Lagunitas made a good choice with that decision. 
Last, but certainly not least is Corona & Corona Light. This is my favorite go to beer and preferable the light one. But hey beggars can't be choosers. For Happy Hour Corona is the perfect beer for me. It's not heavy, it's not hoppy, it's just easy. I will say though I like to order mine with lemon instead of lime. Lemon has a stronger taste and I prefer that taste over lime any day. I rarely have to worry about if the bar we are at carries it either. That tends to be a problem with the ones listed above. Ah Corona, my friend, I'm sure I'll see you tonight :)


Sarah Jane said...

ahhh, i love this post. i am a girl who loves her beer too. i can't believe you know Peroni. i like light beers too, but i am always game for trying different ones too. but nothing beats a corona with lime on a hot day! okay, all this talk is making me want happy hour already... now i am texting girlfriends to meet up with me. haha great post!

Megan Robideau said...

I do know Peroni - definitely one of my favorites. At least so far lol. I hope you ended up going to a happy hour. I feel like it was definitely needed!

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