Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding #3 and only 2 more months to go

This weekend we had the Conrad/Brown wedding! It was a blast! I don't get to see that group of friends to often and what a more joyous occasion to get to spend with them :) These two are truly incredible. I admire them as a couple. They never fight..and when I say I mean not even a bicker here or there, they are so much fun, they made it the 4 years that R.J. was away at school, high school sweethearts, and just overall wonderful people. You can see that they really do bring out the absolute best in one another.

I think Miranda is one of the most beautiful girls that I know and Saturday was absolutely no different. They got married in a beautiful church in Cville. 

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Brown!
They got to leave in this bad boy :) What an exit!
They continued on with one bumpin' reception. The couple had taken a few dance lessons for their first dance and pulled it off beautifully.

Not part of the lessons, but I think this embodies a good part of their personalities! They just love to have fun :D
 Their reception was probably one of the most danced at weddings I've ever been too! It was so much fun! RJ's grandpa even was breaking it down. I mean that when I say that too, that man has moves that I've never seen. Nor would you think you would considering he's a grandpa! 

Look at him move. WOO!
They had a photo booth which is one of my all time favorite things at a wedding! They are so much fun, people get to be funny, and you get long lasting memories of the people that were there to celebrate with you. 
They are a wonderful couple. There relationship is one to admire. They are truly perfect for one another. Good luck to you both and I wish you nothing but the greatest happiness life can offer. 
Gorgeous picture!
Today marks the 2 months to go mark for Kevin and I. I can't believe it's just around the corner. Only 8 more weeks...56 more days... and you are stuck with me forever Kevin :) I can't wait! Let the finishing touches frenzie begin!

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