Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Know what Really Grinds My Gears

It's strange because I thought of this topic last night and nothing was really bugging me, I'll blame it on the fact that I was watching Family Guy. Anyways, in one episode Peter gets a spot on the news called "You Know What Really Grinds My Gears" and it's pretty funny.

I've come to realize that there are things that just really drive me crazy. They aren't really funny like Peter's are, they are legit. So here is what grinds my gears.

People who post EVERYTHING on facebook. I know I know facebook is cool and the purpose is to share, but I do not need to know every little detail about you and your boy toys relationship. Pass. I do not need to know and/or see that you are in labor. Pass. I do not need to know about your family problems. It's really that simple. 

Again with the bad drivers. However, I'd like to call out one thing specifically. People who park horribly. It's the people who park so crooked or take up two spots because they think their car is the If you think it's so nice that you can't park like a normal person you should not have gotten the car or should not drive it to place and park it. Take it for a spin or something. I will say that I do have "parking tickets" that I got from Urban Outfitters and I use them...often. 

This is what the pack looks like. There are actually some pretty good ones, and it saves you from writing the note yourself :D
One of the tickets that I've already used!
Women who breast feed in public. Now I'm not against breast feeding, I'd have to say far from it. I do understand that your kid has to eat even in public, but do you really need to just whip out your ta-ta's. Even with a blanket on I know what is happening under there. Go to the bathroom or something please. 

Taylor Swift. I just don't get why this girl is as famous as she is. She sings the same freaking song over and over again. I get it he didn't know you existed or he broke up with you and now you are on a pyscho rampage. UGH just stop singing. 

Loud Chewing. If I can hear you eat we have a problem. Please close your mouth. I don't want to hear or see anything that you put in there. No really I'm sure. 
I need this shirt please
People who are always late. I am someone who is always on time. Really I'm usually early. My time motto is "If you are 'on time', you are late". Even then I get being late here or there, but when you are habitually never making the deadline there is no excuse. You don't think that's rude to make everyone wait on you? It is. You don't think that all the rest of us would like to show up 5, 20, 45 mins later. We would have but we didn't because we were told to be somewhere ON TIME! There is no excuse for someone my age or older to constantly never be on time. Nor will I accept it. 

Finally (for this round lol) it's people who can't seem to say excuse me when they would like to pass. I feel like I'm always the person that has to dodge out of the way when people are walking down the side walk two by two (or more) because none of those jokers feel the need to even remotely let on to the fact that I exist and shift their position ever so slightly so we can all fit. Or those people who are behind you and all the sudden you get rocked because they can't say excuse me and nicely walk their way past you. Instead they just shove you over or force their way through. Uh hello if you were polite and said something first I'd move. I swear. Even if you were shoving and said it I'd be a lot more willing to not get mad at you and hold my ground. Yes, it's come to that point where I won't move until someone says the magic words. We have voices for a reason people, please use it....nicely! lol. 
And that concludes this addition of You Know What Really Grinds My Gears.

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