Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunflowers :D

I finally got the chance to head back to the homestead of Van Wert. I don't get to go home often, nor do I always want to since there is much more to do here than there. When I do though I enjoy it. No matter how much you dislike your home town it's always nice to go home. You may be asking what this has to do with sunflowers since that's the title. Well it's because this weekend was full of sunflowers, and in Van Wert. Who would have thought? 

My parents have a small field next to their house. They are not farmers. So they let a local farmer use their space to grow some extra crops. For a couple years it was corn and I believe beans. Last year he tried something different. Sunflowers. As soon as they bloomed last year my mom was in love. So naturally they grew them again this year! They don't start to bloom until late July & August so luckily we were back just in time to see them in their young budding lives :)  

Part of the field. I couldn't fit the whole thing into the picture but it's a bit wider on each side. The picture doesn't even truly do it justice. 

 Something they did a little different this year was add some red sunflowers in. I didn't know they even existed but they were pretty cool looking and definitely stood out in the field that is majority yellow.
We almost felt like we were in a different place. Who could sunflowers be in Van Wert and still look so cool :) 

On top of these sunflowers the theme carried on into my bridal shower that a few of my mom's awesome friends through for me!

The awesome friends: Tavie, Kim, and Jill.
 I got to see a lot of my girlfriends from home as well. It's so nice to see all of them (well it wasn't all of them, but a good chunk). I miss them. They are an amazing group of girls and I couldn't be any luckier to call them friends. We reminisced about the "old days" - you know stalking boys, getting pulled over by the po-po, and all the other shenanigans that we could get ourselves into without getting arrested. 

The spread. You can see all the sunflowers. The hostesses with the mostesses picked all those from the parentals field. They were all throughout the house! It was great and sunflowers just make everything seem brighter. The food was also great! Salad, banana nut bread shaped into hearts, yogurt & berry parfait & quiche. It was a brunch so it was good light food! 

I got some really nice presents from people, but I felt like sharing this because apparently this is what I do with kitchen utensils. It's probably true since Kevin does most of the cooking and I do most of the bossing. Are you scared yet Kev? LOVE YOU!

Danielle & Lindz, two of the bridesmaids and my best friends came along for the trip as well! It was great having them there to meet some of the family friends and some of my girlfriends from high school. Check out those cupcakes, more sunflowers & they were delicious. 

My dad was very thoughtful and gave my mom, sister, and I a family present :) It was so nice and it's a good reminder of where I came from. 

It was also dad's birthday. Though the sunflowers didn't care over into any of this stuff I think he got some good presents that he'll enjoy :) 
The new foot & leg massager. Think he likes it? Lol. 

It was a great weekend full of family, friends, floating around the pond, games, laughing, and of course, sunflowers :)


Stephanie said...

Love this post, Meg! Look at those purdy flowers :) Glad you had a nice weekend, it seems like it was exactly the kind of full but relaxing weekend I enjoy most. See you soon (tonight?)!

Megan Robideau said...

Thanks :D It was a great weekend. like it you said there was stuff going on but nothing that made us like run around so I would still say it was relaxing overall :) I don't think tonight..boo. But definitely next week at book club.

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