Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Wedding

Yesterday two of our good friends, and yet another TEM/Club couple got married. Danielle Dean (now Housler!) and Zack Housler. It was a great Sunday afternoon for a wedding. It was beautiful day out, it rained - it's suppose to be good luck right?! -, and then there was a rainbow! The ceremony & reception were both amazing, gorgeous, classy, and of course fun :D It almost reminded me of something you would hear about in the movies, a lovely Sunday afternoon wedding. 

The ceremony was held at the Liberty Presbyterian Church in Delware. It was by far one of the coolest churches I've ever seen! From the outside at first it's hard to tell it's a church, but then as  you get closer you see the windows are in the shape of a cross, and other church like attributes. Everything about it was natural - the whole thing was natural wood or big slabs of stone. The podium was a huge piece of a tree! You could call it rustic I suppose. 
Doesn't do it justice, but you can see what I'm talking about with the natural aspect & the podium!
I really liked Danielle's colors - it was a salmon pink and brown. I just liked the way they looked together, and she got the bridesmaids prefect matching necklaces as their present. 
The bestest was one of the bridesmaids. I love the color of the dress, and isn't that necklace prefect!

The invite. Love the salmon & brown together. Danielle's friend Erin is a graphic designer and actually made the invitation and other stationary for the wedding! If you are interested I'm sure I could get you her info :D
Their reception was held at the Scioto Reserve Country Club. It is definitely one of the prettiest golf clubs I've ever seen. The room was big and open, there weren't really walls as the room was all windows. It was really great when the rainbow came out! We all got to see it! 

One of my favorite things they did were their favors. Zack and Danielle have been together since high school, so it's been awhile. The way they met? Playing Euchre. So what is more appropriate than giving us a deck of playing cards! It was something meaningful for them to share with us, and who can't use a deck of cards?!
I realized that all the other weddings I never got a chance to get to see the cake cutting really. So this wedding I took the opportunity to do so! There cake was awesome, and it tasted even better :D
The cut
The transaction. The DJ played the Jaws theme song, so funny!
The smash! Okay it was right AFTER the smash.
The result :)
Of course as at every wedding there a lot of dancing and a general good time!

Dance Sandwich :)
Zack and Danielle are probably one of the funniest couples you could ever meet. If you know them you know exactly what I mean. Danielle has the kindest heart, and the greatest patience I have ever witnessed. She's one of those girls that you just know is meant to be a kindergarten teacher. Zack is just plain out hilarious, and loves to do things just to shock and/or tick off Danielle - like shave his head like Carl of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever it's called now). They will have a great life, and deserve nothing less! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Housler - I wish you nothing but the best! 

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