Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The things they do for love...

Lately, I've felt bad for my poor pup, Gunner. We've had a lot going on and haven't been around as much as we should be. I feel like I'm confessing to being a bad mama. I will say, I'm not. I love my doggy & I spoil him to death. Luckily, I have a sister in town who comes and plays, or gets him for the day so he's out and about. We've gotten a bit busier this month and as it's progressed I realize that Gunner really must love us. Yeah, he does get mad whenever we get back from a wedding or something when he's be pent up for a few hours. I don't blame him really. No matter what though we are greeted with the biggest tail wag of all time, and Gunner's tail is a deadly weapon. Those of you who know him can testify! AMEN! (that's them agreeing with me). Not only does he show us he cares by his goofy faces and tail wagging, but he lets us do whatever we want...well within reason. No we don't torture the dog, but we like to have fun. For example...

We play dress up
His OSU Jersey. We had to, Kev & I both had one after all.
Hannah & Gunner on Halloween!
That does say B*tches love me. Thank you to Julia for this one.
He gets his hair played with:
His ears are pulled back lol. I promise you he isn't in pain, that his "how could you do this to me" face. He was so mad at me.
A shower cap. He's got big goofy ears so it stayed on by itself lol.

We make him try things (at least once)
He isn't particularly fond of the water.
So of course we pick him up and make him try.
Not so good. Clearly he's graceful :D
Despite all these things we do, this boy loves us. We don't just pick on the poor guy, we love him. We show him through spoiling him a lot of the time, but most nights end with Kevin sitting on the ground rubbing Gunner's stomach. We do good things for him all the time like:

Celebrate him!
Celebrating his birthday with a really big cookie! 

Optimal Play Time:
He gets to run through fields, what dog doesn't love that!
Walking himself. Ok he's not really walking himself, he's playing again. Come on, he's loved right?!
Make him comfortable:
Laying on my pillow!
A plethora of toys to choose from. He's a hoarder.
So as you can see our little gentlemen in a huge part of our family and lives, we love him. It's amazing what things an animal will do for love.  I'm glad Gunner is the one putting up with us :D

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Mary Brown said...

Love this!!! Gunner sounds as spoiled as my Abby!!!

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