Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jay-Z + Beyonce = Super Baby

Jay-Z and  Beyoncé's baby is already making history! Being the first baby every to be credited on Billboard charts thanks to a little help from her Dad! As if this girl wasn't already going to be legendary or anything...

Jay-Z's new song for his daughter Blue Ivy debut within 48 hours of her birth. Isn't technology great! Not only did it debut quickly, it's already up to the number 74 spot. Even if you aren't a fan the of HOV & Beyoncé (which I am!) you have to admit that is impressive! Not to mention the all the 1/7's happening around this me superstitious if you will but can this be coincidence...Miss Blue Ivy was born on 01/07, the song marked Jay-Z's 107th spot on the charts, and it arrived on the R&B/Hip Hop Charts with a count of 1.7 audience impressions!

Anyways, the song is pretty good and Jay-Z taking one right out of the books of being a sentimental dad and put recordings of Blue's cryings, coos, and other little baby noises right into the song (you can hear them at the end)! How sweet is that, chalk one up for the dad!

Now if we can just see a picture of a little one....come on E! get on that!

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