Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge: Day 2 - Worst Date

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Day 2 of the challenge! I love these things...they make things us a little bit easier & so much fun! I love getting to learn these things about people.

Today's Topic: Love Telling This Bad Date Story Worst Date Ever

 This topic is tricky because I have honestly not really had a terrible date. I blame this on the fact that I have never been much of a "dater". I mean that in sense of going on a date with guy A and then going on a date with guy B because I'm not exclusive with someone. I've always had the official boyfriend/girlfriend title with anyone I've dated. Not that dating around is a bad thing by any means...just didn't happen with me I guess.

I honestly think the worst thing that ever happened on a "date" to me wasn't because of him, but because of me and it didn't make the date horrible, just mortifying. It was as simple as being out and about and me fainting. Oh yeah, btw, I'm a fainter, not like an "omg blood" sort of faint, I think it has to do with an excess of emotion or adrenaline. If that's the case I have no idea why it happened here when it did! 

Well anyways we were out and about with one another and all the sudden I could feel the lightheaded-ness coming on. I don't really know what causes my fainting at times but this happens every time I faint. As soon as I feel it I know what's coming and I swear I always try to say something. Ya know something along the lines of "oh shit I'm going to faint, catch me!", but no words come out of my mouth (the only time they don't!...great timing Megan!) 

So there I am walking and all the sudden BAM! I'm on the ground, partly on my back and partly on my knees because I just kind of sank. To top if off I was like drooling because of the way I was positioned (told ya, mortifying!). I came to, and I was fine but I was really embarrassed and he was terrified! Granted it felt good knowing he was worried but at the same time I felt bad that it'd happened and he had to feel like that. He asked me to promise I'd never do that again (as if I had a choice you dumbie!).  I will say that I kept my promise because we broke up shortly after.
At least I didn't do this!
Clearly the fainting was a sign!

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Casey said...

omg SO embarassing!! You're brave to share! :)

Thanks for linking up!!

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