Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Fun

It seems as if the madness of wedding season and then the holidays is finally starting to wind down. Of course, that doesn't mean we do any less on the weekends :) This weekend was full of friend time, yet nothing we did was to strenuous which was nice!

This Friday we went to the Columbus Blue Jackets games with our friends Bill & Sarah. These were tickets that were part of the Christmas Package that Kev got for us. Game 2 of 2 and we finally got to watch them win! According to Bill we witness the CJB win one of their 12 games, that's only a 27% of their games won. We witnessed a rarity for the Jackets this year.  I didn't take picture, it's pointless when you are higher up in the stands. However, are some images from the game, sport pictures taken by real photographers are much better, and a heck of a lot closer.

Saturday morning was spent relaxing. Just doing nothing. When I say nothing I don't really mean nothing, that's more my, "I don't really have a time constraint so I can take my time doing whatever needs done", kind of nothing. I even made the hubins some breakfast with our new waffle maker. We've made a lot of waffles, this is just the first documentation of it and it just so happens to probably be the best waffles I've made so far.
Notice the mess I make whenever I make waffles. I have yet to figure out the right amount of batter to put in that thing so it doesn't overflow or doesn't burn!  The book for the maker says 2 cups...that's WAY to much! Liars!

That evening we went to the Columbus Beerfest for our friend, Ross's birthday. Intentions started off right by heading to Boston's for some pizza. However, we didn't know there was another home CJB game that night and everything was PACKED! So we ended up trying Boston's, Gordon Birsch, Bar Louie, Cantina, and finally Mozaik.
Ready to drink some tasty beer :)

Moziak clearly was not the first choice but we were oh so glad when we ended up there and a music video was being shot (please insert sarcastic tone, thank you!).
This is pretty much all we saw. Some girl dancing behind these windows. We did catch a few glimpse's of the girl, some little thing dressed in lingerie with those light up, gel ball thing-ys hanging off of her.
Yeah, she had these only in green & they were glowing hanging off ribbon from her garter belt...I got nothing.
Hey, I never said the video was of anyone good. We were actually confused the whole time because the songs she was dancing to were songs like Lil Jon's - Get Low.  That's not new, nor does it need another music video. We left still not knowing what was going on...oh well. Guess I'll just keep an eye out on MTV for any videos with the little gel glowing balls!

Anyways, the actual event was so much fun! I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but it wasn't quite as I had imagined; which is not a bad thing.

We purchased the VIP tickets and were able to get in a hour before general admission. We also got the bigger sample cups :) The room was massive! Not that I expected any less I suppose.

Waiting in the beer line. Each vendor had their sign up behind them so we knew which ones we want, and they each had 1-3 coolers, depending on what they were serving, with taps. Considering how many people were there and how long the lines would look they went very fast!
I always seem to get the best pictures of Ross.
Our sample cups.
Overall it was a blast and I have ever intention of going again next year! Now the question is...who's coming with me?!

Sunday was a day of recovery. Although I was not drunk on Saturday, both Friday & Saturday were late nights so I was prepared do a whole lot of nothing. The beautiful Sunday was spent taking Gunner to the puppy park.
My handsome boy :)
Wanna play?
Come get me (the other dog did not follow)

Gunner loves the dog park and it seems as though he's had a lot of energy lately too!

The rest of the day & evening was spent on my honeymoon picture book, taking the tree down (FINALLY!), and relaxing. It was a great Sunday Funday.

What did you do this weekend? 

Happy Monday!


Ashley said...

ooo I totally wanted to go to the beerfest, looks like it was fun!!

trobideau said...

OK, I realize you didn't invite me to Beerfest this year because I was out of the state, but how come I never have had waffles?? Hmmmm? This. Must. Change.

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