Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something new to Thai

Like that little play on words?! So we all know I'm a foodie (as an understatement), so I thought it be fun to start doing little restaurant "review" after going somewhere new. Letting, at least, the Cbus area dwellers know where some of the good eats are and possibly where to avoid. 
Let's hope the avoiding thing is minimal since eating a bad meal is not on my list of things to do regularly!

This weekend we checked out a restaurant in the old stomping grounds of Westerville. I don't believe this little place was there when I was in school, but I wish it had been or I knew about it if it was there...either way I'm bummed I didn't get the chance to take advantage of this place when I lived in the ville. It's called Thai Grille, and it, my friends, is so good
Granted, as long as you like (and can stomach) Thai. Lucky for me I can respond yes to both of those :) 

The husbands
The wives
It's a teeny little restaurant with a great atmosphere. As it's small you do need to keep things like dinner rushes in mind if you'd like to eat there instead of carrying out.  We didn't have to wait too long but there is potential for long lines & wait times. However, being small is one of the best things about the restaurant...keeps it real

There are local artists pieces hung around for sale. Some of which I really liked! Nothing wrong with a little local loyalty!  You can even see the kitchen from anywhere you sit (told ya it was small). A little unintentional Japanese Steakhouse style going on here :)
This is about all there is to this place!

Although I didn't get a picture of our waitress, she was awesome.  The service was very good the entire time we were there despite how chaotic things looked - drinks were refilled and the waitress even had time to be funny

First thing we tried. The tea! Danielle & I are tea fanatics, especially in the winter time! Thai Grille has some really yummy looking, and tasting teas! Even better, they are served individually so you can try more than one or have the table try out different kinds! We tried the Manna & the Cheeky Peach. Neither were disappointing, but I do wish the Manna had had a stronger taste.

The menu is not very big but I can tell you that anything you pick would be good and it's a vegetarians dream! A lot of their dishes were vegetarian. However, they are a restaurant out to win the hearts of many as you can substitute anything you want or don't want in the dish. They also ask you how spicy you'd like your meal to be. That's also a plus in my book as I like some spicy but not a lot. The only thing they can't really change are the appetizers.We are all meat eaters so we all got something with Chicken or Beef in it. I almost wish I hadn't gotten anything with beef though. The vegetables they used were so fresh! I really liked my meal so I can't really feel terrible about my decision.
Beef Curry
Chicken Cashew Nut
Yeah, that's only two meals. I did not snap a picture of Kevin & Danielle's meals. Bad wife & friend I know, I know. They got the Pad Kee Mao and it was delicious. 

The menu is a little pricey. I believe that Kevin and I spent around $50 with a couple beers, my tea, two entrees and we got the appetizer we all split on our check. Not too unreasonable I would say, and completely worth it. Yes, you can find Thai cheaper but I'm pretty sure it will not taste as good as this!

Here are a couple articles, blogs & reviews for to you look through, and solidify the fact that you want to try it! 
New Thai Restaurant - This Week
Reviews - Yelp
Thai Grille - Nothing better to Do

I would highly recommend giving this place a try, you won't be sad that you did. 

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H. said...

Yes! I've been looking for a good Thai place :)

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