Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYE 2012

I did not feel that I had sufficient time yesterday to do this post so here it is now :) NYE this year was a pretty mellow one, and I liked it that way. Probably because 2011 flew by before my very eyes and there was rarely a moment of rest. I suppose that there was no moment of rest on NYE but it was low key with close friends, and that's exactly what I needed :)

First, we went to dinner at a newer restaurant in town, called Two Fish Bistro. We are all sushi fans so that's what we went for and I can tell you it was pretttty good. If you are in the Cbus and you like seafood & sushi I would recommend giving it a try.
Two Fish

Since we were going to be out on the town for a little bit we decided to fancy up the attire a little bit :)


As usual, dinner was full of shenanigans. This included Macy's stars on glasses for awesomeness purposes, office style chairs (the go up & down, not the look), and me karate chopping a champagne glass.

After dinner we headed back to Danielle & Jason's appartment and just enjoyed each others company and of course lots a few adult beverages.
Said adult beverages included these bad boys! Jason made them, wasn't that so Pinterest-y of him (he's not really on Pinterest it just seems like everything can relate back to that website!).

2012 was brought in on a good note and I have some high hopes for the upcoming year. However, I will say 2012 has some big shoes to fill after 2011. The year of love & positive changes.

Happy Thursday & Happy 2012 :)

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